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Minnetonka Rotarian of the Year for 2017

Alexa went on to say that the Rotary members nominate the person that they think deserves the award and that the consensus was close to unanimous that Katie Williams was the member of the Minnetonka Rotary that always seems to be giving time to several service avenues in our club. 

Katie is currently helping to chair the International Youth Exchange Program for both incoming and outgoing high school students. She makes sure that foreign students have host families inside the Hopkins or Minnetonka School districts and she has been a host parent for an exchange student as well. And she can speak from experience about outgoing students because her daughter went to Brazil. You can read about these in the links below. Katie and her involvement in Hopkins School system feels strongly about the safety and growth of young people and is very supportive of the Minnetonka Rotary’s motto of “Building Responsible Youth”. 

Katie is also a past president of the Minnetonka Rotary. Her actions in support of the Minnetonka Rotary and its youth program also shows that she believes in the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” by her actions. Congratulations to Katie …. she is a role model for all of our members, in that people don’t try for rewards and acknowledgment, but because she cares about being of service and is doing the right things and having fun at the same time. How could people not notice her as The Minnetonka Rotary’s Rotarian of the Year ?

Further information on Katies involvement in Building Responsible Youth in our Youth Exchange Program.

Katie on sending a student overseas

Katie on being a host parent

June 28, 2017 At the Minnetonka Rotary’s regular weekly meeting, outgoing President Alexa Rundquist announced the Rotarian of the Year was Katie Williams. Katie pictured here was surprised and visibly moved by the award.