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​​Minnetonka Rotary  participates in a program  called Free Bikes for Kids. It involves bikes that are donated and stockpiled. Our members clean and refurbish and make sure that bikes collected by Free Bikes for Kids, are safe to once again be used by a child, maybe as their first bike. Why not provide slightly used bikes to kids who may not have an opportunity to to get a bike any other way ?

Our club participates in Highway 7 Cleanup. We have volunteered with the State of Minnesota for over 20 years to help keep our community looking clean and cared for. Our Club cleans up a mile of Highway 7 just west of 494.

The Minnetonka Rotary is involved with and supports  Books for Africa. We go to the BFA warehouse to sort and pack text books and library books for shipment to Africa. Just because a books  service life is completed at schools and libraries in the USA, doesn’t mean they still aren’t valuable to people who don’t have books. 

The Minnetonka Rotary believes very strongly in supporting Empty Bowls. The Empty Bowls event has been a long running event in our community, and is a simple meal of soup and bread. Empty Bowls is a fundraiser for ICA Food Shelf and ResourceWest, held at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.  Members of the Minnetonka Rotary make bowls to sell or auction the day of the event. The Minnetonka Rotary always does the clean up of the Center after the event.

 Some of the Members of our Club volunteer to help at the Wag, Walk and Run fundraiser for Helping Paws, Inc. The Minnetonka Rotary also supports Helping Paws with a Grant from our Charitable Giving Foundation.  Helping Paws provides service dogs to disabled individuals, including veterans, children, and adults. Dogs make a wonderful companion and we feel that this is an avenue to provide support. 

​​​​At the  ICA Food Shelf, Minnetonka Rotary volunteers help family shoppers to pick out and pack their food.  There is a need to get food to some of the people in our community and ICA Food Shelf is key in helping families to have the nourishment they need. Providing food in a friendly environment​ is the least we can do to help.

At ResourceWest The  Minnetonka Rotary packs school supplies for the "Back to School" program. We fill up back packs with pencils, paper, pens markers, rulers and notebooks.  A student who shows up for school ready to go is a student who is confident and not at a disadvantage.  The Minnetonka Rotary also sorts and distributes holiday toys that have been donated to families in need. Can you imagine a child waking up on Christmas and this child sees a new toy that makes their day special. 


For the Holiday Cart Roundup, the Minnetonka Rotary members work to help corral grocery carts at the Ridgedale Lunds & Byerleys during the busy holiday seasons. Although this activity is a fundraiser paid by the grocery store, we provide a smooth flow to Christmas shopping and who doesn’t like that ?

Several times a year The Minnetonka Rotary prepares and serves dinner at St Gabriel's Church in Hopkins in an event called Loaves & Fishes.. We work in a kitchen and dining room setting to provide hot meals to those people who are disadvantaged. Some people need help and we try to provide a meal without making them feel like it’s a handout. 

 Some of our members Mentor 3rd grade students at Eisenhower Elementary School. A student who lacks confidence and needs a little guidance are kids we work with.  Building Responsible Youth is sometimes about listening and just responding to some basic questions to start a conversation. Sometimes kids just need someone besides a parent to talk to and they start and build that confidence. 

Minnetonka Rotary Community Service 

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Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

Building Responsible Youth is the Focus of our Community Service Activities. We feel strongly about the young people coming behind us. We try to share this focus as much as possible.