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Okay, so now you're a member of The Minnetonka Rotary

…..  Now what ?

Let’s try and explain to you what you’ve got by the tail, and help you to get your arms around what The Minnetonka Rotary is and how to embrace and enjoy your Rotary experience. 

People join Rotary for a variety of reasons. Networking, Community Service, International Service, Building Responsible Youth, Friends, Business Associates and other reasons.  Usually somebody asked you to come to a meeting, service event, or function and you had fun and felt good after being exposed to the members of The Minnetonka Rotary. Or maybe a friend asked you to come and you realized that something was missing in your life and this filled that void. And at the time you didn’t even realize that you were looking for a service organization to join. 

People stay in Rotary for other reasons ….that is after they get into Rotary a little further. They stay in Rotary because of the people. They find that the people in Rotary care and are trying to make a difference and they just want to be around them because it turns out Rotary Values are similar to your values and being in a like minded group feels good.  People stay in Rotary because they find out that Rotary is bigger than what they suspected when they joined.   But you don’t get that if you don’t stick around. 

Rotary has enough pieces to it that we want you to find a part that you are interested in and get involved. People who are involved have more fun. People who sit back and watch usually don’t stick around very long.  We want you to be comfortable with what ever you choose to do here, because it is a volunteer organization and we look for people who want to be here. If you don’t choose an avenue of service someone may ask you to help out. This is supposed to be fun and nobody expects you to jump in and run a group or supervise a bunch of people ….at least not right away.  Rotary is an organization for busy people who want to give back to their community and are good at scheduling. You didn’t join Rotary to get a second job ……neither did we. 

Now here is where we help you to discover where you fit into this army and where to look to answer some questions you have.  That being said any question you have is fair game to ask any member of the Minnetonka Rotary or the Mentor that you may already be working with.  If they don’t know the answer they can direct you to someone who does or is responsible for that area.

But if you want to discover some of these things for yourself I’ll tell you where to look. 

 Start with the ABOUT US Page to learn about some history and  the background of the Minnetonka Rotary.   

#2 … If you want to find out about the ideals of Rotary there are links at the top of this page and the top of the ABOUT US Page that will direct you to the Rotary International pages we have identified as important. 

 I am going to send you to the Club Runner Secure Area to find a) the Photo Directory to see who your peers are and b) the Documents section for the org chart for you to see the parts of the organization that are available for you to hook up and become involved …. or if you have trouble ask someone to get you a copy of this org chart or help you get into the secure area. 

#4 ... Check out and  explore a) The Minnetonka Rotary Foundation, for our Charitable Giving.  b)   Building Responsible Youth page to see how our motto and focus have developed.  c) The Alan Kerr Memorial Page to understand this remarkable Rotarians contribution and how we honor him.   

#5 ...Meeting Assignments ( your name may appear here ) and Upcoming Speakers with dates are located on our Meeting Assignments Page

#6 ... One of the things that the  Minnetonka Rotary does is raise money to go into our Foundation to be awarded as grants.  You may know of a worthwhile organization somewhere else in your life.  For example, a Boy Scout Troop, Church Youth Group or some other deserving organization that needs some help. You can help them  by filling out a Grant Request and submitting it to our Foundation for consideration. Go to the the FORMS page and download a Grant Request. If you need some help with this process a member of the club or the foundation can coach you. . 

#7 ...Since you are new to The Minnetonka Rotary you may want to check out the  Visitors Information Page  as well because you may not be aware of some of those  links and other locations on this website that didn't get mentioned on this page that could be useful to you. 

#8.... The Current NEWSLETTER is located in the top navigation line ... as well as some previous NEWSLETTERS are available in the pulldown 

#9.... YourRotary Calendar is a good place to review upcoming events to make sure you know when something exciting is happening or to quickly verify the time of that service event that you volunteered to help.

#10 ...Looking for Rotary Supplies, Awards, Mugs, Shirts, and great Rotary Stuff you can check out  the Russell Hampton Website.  Lots  of things that you might find useful and great gifts. 

Okay, if you made it this far ….you are ready …. we urge you to get involved with something …. as much as you feel comfortable doing.  Like I said earlier you didn’t come here for a second job, but if you are involved it is more fun and that’s why “The Minnetonka Rotary is the club that’s more fun than you want it to be”.  Good Luck and welcome aboard.