Jacob rang in the New Year at 7:32am

Invocation by Dr Ruth
As we enter the New Year and bid 2017 adieu, we reflect on the great accomplishments and joys of our lives.  And we release the life draining events of our experience to the wastebasket of insignificant history.  We embrace 2018 with all of its challenges and look forward to continuing our "Service Above Self".  Bless this year and this Rotary Club so that we can continue to serve our community and the world.  Amen.

•    Guy - Susan Abrhams and group
•    Flouriane - Leo
•    Bill Leidke - from the Golden Valley Club 

Cathy - Rotary Minute …. Polio Overview

Raffle:  by Mark F… $140 …. #598 was Cathys number and the result was a winner sending her to the islands for vacation

•    Jacob … mid term assembly …. next week is club assembly
•    Mac …. we are missing the Polio Jug … so this week is a Polio Cup
•    Frank …. Books for Africa … January 20th …. 3 million books going overseas
•    Ron …. made sure that he Greeted everyone he missed
•    Brian Leidke …. Told us of the Golden Valley Surly Brewery Tour on January 22nd

Happy Bucks Donna collected and led the way
•    Donna - is going to have a new grandchild
•    Flouriane - Rwanda trip for 4 months
•    Bob - kids home making it a good Christmas
•    Roger - acknowledged winter solstice / longer days
•    Mark Marlin - Holiday Cart Corral Saturday harder than it sounded
•    Jerald - the Polar Plunge on March 3rd sign up … Ron is interested and Stacey said she would too
•    Theresa -  for the wad of cash provided for tipping in Jamacia and fun times with kids
•    Stacey - Happy 2018 … had fun doing Cart Corral …. and the work out
•    Cathy - was happy about visiting Jerald and Tony … maybe not
•    Char - not as happy about the workout from Cart Corral …. Terry was too busy talking ( ya know he knows everybody ) to push carts but he was there … Bill S did a Polar Plunge
•    Ron L - happy about going to his grandsons
•    Christine - happy about New Years but didn’t stay awake or plan to
•    Lenny - Jennifer has two happy grandchildren / Evan in his masters program and doing well
•    Scott - Bill did the Polar Plunge 
•    Bill - 15th Polar Plunge / and Hoagies substitution meeting 
•    Brian L - happy to be here
•    Sara  - 1st anniversary / wedding up north
•    Glen - happy about his kids and grandkids being in town
•    Guy - happy to have all of his guests
•    Susan - happy to have Fares as an exchange student this quarter and touring with Fares in Wisconsin 
•    Katie - happy to have host parents / sent daughter back to Boston / Jim Martin the new exchange student chair    
•    Mark F - he had a party for his parents and his parents had enough party
•    Jacob - Great year … Fantasy Football … came in 2nd … happy to be back from Jamaica / snorkeling / warm weather ….. couples game they won

Todays Speaker introduced by Guy was Karen Walkowski - Human Trafficking

Human Slavery —> Human Trafficking
•    Insidious Situation
•   Agenda:  Who / What / Why / Where / When
•    Ending Human Trafficking is the next Rotary Initiative
•    Problem brought to light by SuperBowl …. but was here before and will be here after
•    Rotary initiative is a long term goal

Human Trafficking 101 ….Who / What / Why / Where / When
•    Definition …. When one person obtains or holds another person in compelled service
•    Estimated size of 21 to 46 million people worldwide
•    Estimated 1.5 million victims of labor trafficking
•    ~ $150 billion / $99 billion sex / $51billion  labor

Vulnerable people to Human Trafficking 
    •    Targets are Poverty people
    •    Minors in the welfare system
    •    Homeless / Runaway Youth
    •    Immagrants
    •    People with a history of abuse or violence

Minnesota ?
    •    13th state in youth prostitution
    •    The Reason is Access to Interstate  35 and 94
    •    Duluth Seaport
    •    Malls and youth congregation points

Why ?
    •    Demand by purchaser
    •    vulnerability of Vcitims
    •    Because we haven’t stopped it

Why Rotary ?
    •    Rotary is the largest Global Organization to mobilize against the “Worst Moral Scourge of our Generation”
    •    In every community world wide
    •    Done it before with Ending Polio

How can you get involved ?
    •    Goals … understand and education of people
    •    Summit to meet, discuss and organize in February
    •    Minnesota has groups trying to make a difference
    •    identifying groups involved and organizing them

What can you do ?
    •    Educate yourself on the issue
    •    Encourage others to get involved
    •    Churches / Schools / Law Enforcement / Community Service

    •    Rotary International Confernece … trafficking ap ?
    •    Minnesota is an access point / it starts here 
    •    HHS Jessica Melme has a Jan 15th conference… more to follow
    •    Interact in Minnetonka High School is hosting a similar conference

Jacob closed the meeting at 8:33am 

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