Jacob started the meeting off at 7:31am 

Nancy told us of the Golden Rule … which transcends all cultures….. Abridged here from 12 to 1
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. …. Amen

A Rotary Minute
Cathy Carlson’s topic was Rotary’s administrative structure, which is more interesting than you would think.  Each Club is assigned a number when they are created, and we are Club# 27,589 and was charted on October 17, 1990.  Clubs all have a similar governance model, with an Executive Committee made up of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. joined by a board of directors.  All Rotary clubs have a non-profit status, and most of them have Foundations, which are governed by a separate board. 

Guy introduced San Asato, President of the Edina Club

Todd (?) – has joined us for a second meeting, and he found us on Google.

Duke & Hannah Pieper were accepting a check on behalf of their foundation.

this morning was a whopping $25, and #671 was called but no winner! 

•    January 20, - Sorting Books for Africa, January 20, 9:30-11:30am, at the BFA Warehouse, 635 Prior Avenue No. in St. Paul
•    January 27th - District 5950 Mid Term Assembly, 7:30am-1pm.  Crown College, 8700 College View Drive, St. Bonifacious, MN  55375.  Everyone should have received notification and registration details via 5950. 
•    February 16th – Loaves & Fishes, 3-5pm Prep an d5-7 serving, looking for more volunteers.  St. Gabriel’s Church in Hopkins. 
•    Our Club has received a Certificate of Commendation from Tim Mulcrone of the Edina Club, for our participation in the End Polio Fund.

Happy Bucks 
•    Ben’s son is celebrating his 4th birthday, plus his family recently enjoyed a vacation together. 
•    Devon’s sister had a safe trip to and from Israel where she was baptized in the River Jordan. 
•    Chris C – Is pleased to see Grizzly Adams (aka Jacob) running our Club and is very happy the Vikings are doing well. 
•    Regina said Happy New Year! 
•    Mark – Had an eventful trip to Whitefish on the Empire Builder and now that skiing season is upon us he will ski racing at Buck Hill for the 25th year straight! 
•    Terry is formally the “past” Mayor of Minnetonka and invited all to an Open House at City Hall this Friday, January 12th to meet the new Mayor.  He is also happy that his oldest grandson getting married in Hawaii at the end of the year. 
•    Guy is happy to see Sun at the meeting this morning. 
•    Nancy spent some time in Rochester cleaning out old family heirlooms, and lo & behold, found a vintage, very valuable (she thinks) CD of Lawrence Welk’s greatest hits!  She donated this to Devon to complete his collection.  (I’m sure Larry is saying…what are CD’s?)
•    Dr. Bob has formally hung up his football cleats playing in the January Toilet Bowl for the past 50 years.
•    Roger was very happy our weather is now balmy. 
•    Sam announced he’s going to be a grandfather (again) to his daughter Emily’s second child! 
•    Katie shared an energetic story about chasing a beagle around the neighborhood…she was doggy sitting and he got away.
•    Frank shared the fact that the Grumpy Old Men fighting scene was filmed at Lake Rebecca…the things you learn about in this group!
•    Jacob & Therese attended and spoke recently at the Plymouth Rotary Club, and was happy for the experience.  Nice to know we are doing the right stuff.

Our Program today was a Club Assembly. 

Duke Pieper accepted a check from our 

​Fondation Chair Alexa 

Club Foundation: 
Alexa shared the # of grants we have made both international and domestic.  There are very clear guidelines on our website on how to apply to our Club Foundation.  
As a part of her presentation Alexa presented a check to Duke Pieper of the Pieper Foundation and author of I’m Alive.  Duke’s goal is to take his message to students in the Hopkins and Minnetonka School Districts and this grant will assist him in completing his goal. 
Upcoming Foundation meetings are January 24th and March 7th at 6:30pm at Dunn Brother’s in Minnetonka. 

Social Activities: 
Scott Johnson shared the next social will be Tuesday, February 6th at Excelsior Brewing, $10.  March 17th (St. Pat’s Day), looking for a location, anyone want to volunteer? 

Website Update:  
Neal walked us through how to navigate the Rotary website. Start in
Members Area to understand the flow and how it works.  Nicely done! 

Rotary International Foundation:
Chris R. shared a LOT of numbers, all good!  Bottom line, we are doing well the first half of the year and fall into the top five of average individual giving to the Foundation, of $505 per person.  We are on track to meet or exceed that number by the end of the year. 

Community Service: 
Katie showed the very comprehensive calendar on our website
( Community Service Page ) that outlines all of the upcoming service opportunities.

The meeting finished on time at 8:30am 

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