Jacob started the meeting at 7:31 am

Invocation given by Mark  Marlin
Lord teach us to be willing to adjust our plans to conform to Yours.  You have greater things in store for us than we could ever dream, so help us to patiently wait for you to work in the circumstances of our lives …. Amen

Rotary Minute:
No Rotary Minute this meeting.

•    Amanda Pederson, Patient Services Program and Advocacy Manager, A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation was introduced.
•    Fares was visiting our meeting 
•    Audrey was well behaved

$44 was available in the raffle bucket.  # 764 was Guy but not the card so …..No winner.

•    Jacob:  Mid-Term Assembly is Saturday, January 27, 7:30 at Crown College in St. Bonifacious.
•    Board Meeting:  Friday, January 19, 7:30 PM at Signature Bank in Minnetonka.
•    Nancy:  Tables are now numbered so that the polio jug can be passed in order.
•    Jennifer:  Loaves and Fishes went well.  She had more volunteers than needed.  The Hopkins Foundation Gala is upcoming.  All are welcome.  Raffle tickets are available as well.
•    Frank:  Books for Africa sorting, Saturday, January 20, 9:30 – 11:30 at Books for Africa Warehouse on 635 Prior Ave. N, Suite 100, St. Paul.  All are welcome.  See his email for more information.
•    Alexa: Foundation Board Meeting, Wednesday, January 24th at 7:45 at Dunn Brothers on Highway 7.

Happy Bucks were collected by Ron L …. A total of $46
•    Guy was happy Patty Acomb was welcomed back.
•    Neal Was happy his snow blower started and his turntable was successful enough to listen to Janis Joplin, Jesse Collin Young and ELO
•    Chris R was also happy that his daughters turntable was installed and was kinda anxious about his vinyl collection now that his daughter discover LPs  …… 2 turntables in one meeting .... who would have thought ?
•    Molly was happy she had $10 left from her skiing trip
•    Mark was happy that he was going skiing in Montana
•    Sam Stern was happy that his grandson recognized him on Skype
•    Stacey was happy Patty was back 
•    Bob was happy that the Twins eye checks were this week
•    Chris C was happy and The Vikings win was celebrated.

Rotary International:
Molly Sebold was presented with her first Paul Harris pin by Chris.
Lenny received a Paul Harris pin as well

Guest Speaker:
Amanda Peterson from The Breath of Hope Lung Foundation presented.  
•    Statistically, one in 14 people get lung cancer.  
•    Of those, the five year survival rate is low.  
•    Lung cancer is underfunded relative to other cancers.

A Breath of Hope main initiatives:  
•    Patient and Family Support, Research and Awareness.   
•    end the stigma of lung cancer, 
•    work for fair Federal funding, 
•    increase insurance coverage for CT scans, and 
•    support research for cure of the disease.

There are many ways to support the organization.  Amanda Peterson contact information is:  
Email:  info@breathofhope.org
Phone:  952-405-9201

The meeting was ended at 8:29am

​​​​​​•    Meeting of January 17, 2018

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