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Building Responsible Youth

Jacob Called the meeting to order at 7:34am

Invocation by Mac …
This is the 24,398th day of my life. ( but not my birthday )  ….. Lord, thank you for another day !
It’s my choice if I’m going to make this a good day.  With Your help and guidance, I know it can be great ! ,,,, After all, you command us to make today a great day!
Psalm 118:24:  This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Father, this is our prayer:  Help us to look at each of the blessings that you give us, even in the midst of the challenges that we will face as we go through this day, and every day.  Amen


    •    Jacob Stonesifer from the Northern Star Council BSA
    •    John Hobday from North Star Youth Exchange
    •    Staceys Daughter Anna 

 Raffle by Ryan ….
    •    We were all in suspense #764 …. Terrys number was drawn, but his luck ran out so about $70 is awaiting a winner next week.

    •    Jacob - St Bonifacious for the District Conference Jan 27th 
    •    Nancy - Flyer on Grant Management Seminar … need to attend one to get consideration for international grant money 
    •    Bill - FeBREWary Social on Feb 6th 5p at Excelsior Brewery 
    •    Glen - Foundation meeting at Dunn Brothers tonight 630pm 
    •    Jacob - Programming meeting Friday at Dunn Brothers
    •    Katie - Registration on line for Empty Bowls …. February 24th for box packaging volunteers


Happy Bucks by Sara …. raised $104 for Building Responsible Youth
    •    Sara - happy to be joining Mark in Palm Springs shortly and a new Baby in July
    •    Terry - Happy the last city council meeting went off without a hitch. 
    •    Char - happy because January 1988 she joined rotary and this Friday going to Bahamas with for a week with Cathy
    •    Stacey - Happy daughter is here and doing the zip line over the Mississippi
    •    Jim M - Happy about his grandson on his dads 65th birthday is now 21 and giving him a grandson and his dad a great grandson. 
    •    Frank - Happy for Books for Africa and article in the paper on Saturday
    •    Nancy - happy for BFA and books / treasures that they found …. lead her to a bookstore and 6 new books that day
    •    Katie - first daughter getting married …. found the wedding dress and happy about our speaker John Hobday is looking for a Rotary Home ?
    •    Bob - happy about going to Arizona
    •    Dane - happy about Rotary Networks and people who helped him recently and his second baby girl. 
    •    Jerald - Hamster problems and dog Problems …. sad kids. 
    •    Chris R - the phone ringing in the background
    •    Ben - trip to Mexico , lunch with Mark. and the new snow speeds up the dog being outside. 
    •    Pete - happy that Son is in Japan safely
    •    Jacob - BFA was fun

    •    Glen presented a Minnetonka Rotary Foundation

Check to Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America

as a Grant to Jacob Stonesifer. 






Speaker - John Hobday is NorthStar Youth Exchange 
    •    Background on John
    •    60 -70 students inbound and outbound
    •    CEO & founder of Healthcare Interactive  inc
    •    He interfaces with Hungary, Mexico, & Norway
    •    John was a Rotary Exchange Student to Oaxaca,

         Mexico 83/84
    •    John was in a Group study to Norway 2003
    •    Johns son Andy was an exchange student to Paris France 11/12
    •    Johns Daughter Amy was an exchange stuedent to  Milan Italy 14/15

NorthStar Area is …….
    •    .lower Minnesota & Western Wisconsin
    •    50 years old ….first students were in 68/69
    •    Currently exchange over 40 countries
    •    Long Term program 1 year abroad
    •    Short Term is a one month program
    •    short term can lead to a long term desire by a student. 

 What Exchange Students Learn 
    •    New way of liiving
    •    a great deal about themselves
    •    a new language
    •    What it is to be an ambassador for your country
    •    about another country
    •    Brings world closer

 Costs $6000 to be an exchange student…. includes the following:
    •    Airline ticket
    •    A Blazer,  business cards, Rotary Pins
    •    Health insurance
    •    All orientation

Rotary sends the most students on exchange programs 
    •    6100 kids worldwide
    •    multiple levels of safty
    •    Best Value for a student exchange program
    •    $3000 per student
    •    House at least one incoming for 3 outgoing students 
    •    Keeps the club young
    •    Rotary becomes more known
    •    can lead to new members
    •    can lead to new exchange students

Myths about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program … these are not true….. 
    •    Clubs can’t afford it
    •    Clubs cant find hosts
    •    Host families have to be Rotarians
    •    Schools don’t want to be involved
    •    Students are not interest in Youth Exchange
    •    Families can’t afford to do Rotary

Pimsleus Language Program
    •    Language was never stressed
    •    started with outbound students - 30 lessons
    •    first year 30%
    •    this year it is required that all take course
    •    Audio Lesson …. Romanian and Italian demos didn’t work
    •    Took course himself .. found it to be useful in conversation
    •    Background Check is the latest level of safety
    •    Mostly volunteer staff …. one half time clerical
    •    Language Program is availalble to all Rotarians
    •    30 lessons of 30 minutes
    •    most are good kids …. a couple drug  / alcohol related returns …. some returns from homesick 


​And the meeting finished at 8:32am 


Our Newsletter is The Rotary Spoke 

Service Above Self

​​​​​​•    Meeting of January 24, 2018