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Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Jacob started the meeting at 7:35 am

Invocation given by Stacey Quinn:  Strive to be Kind over Nice
“Minnesota Nice” is the stereotypical behavior of people from Minnesota to be courteous, reserve, very family-focused and mild –mannered. The cultural characteristics of Minnesota nice include a polite friendliness, an aversion to confrontation, a tendency toward understatement a desire to not make a fuss or stand out, emotional restraint, and self-depreciation.  …… here is the upshot ….. A person who is kind is internally motivated. They chose to focus on doing the right thing, rather than what doing the right thing will do for them. They are filled with a need to be generous and helpful towards others with little concern as to what this generosity will bring to them …. Amen.

Rotary Minute:
No Rotary Minute this meeting.

Guest speaker, Patti Anderson, North Star Therapy Animals was introduced.
Todd Morris was a returning visitor …. Maybe a new member ?

$93 was available in the raffle bucket number 982 was drawn and Guy’s luck did not continue to the deck of cards …. So he did not win.  

•    Jacob:  Mid-Term Assembly was Saturday, January 27, 7:30 at Crown College in St. Bonifacious.  Jacob reported that the meeting was informative and well attended by Minnetonka Rotary members – about 9-10 members attended.
•    Bill:  The next social is Tuesday, February 6, about 5:00 PM at Excelsior Tap, Excelsior.  Pizza is $10 each.  Even if not planning to eat, please sign up so that space can be properly reserved.
•    Jerald:  March 3 is the Special Olympics Plunge at Lake Calhoun.  His firm will match up to $100 for each participant who raises at least $100.
•    No meeting at Eisenhower next Wednesday.  …. We will meet at city hall for the state of the city with our new mayor Brad Weirsum. 

Happy Bucks:
Sara collected happy thoughts and happy bucks to the tune of $56 was earned for Building Responsible Youth
•    Dale … Tony is a new business owner in Hopkins of Feste Automotive 
•    Mac wanted to make sure we knew it was not his birthday last week
•    Neal ended up at the hotel with the Philadelphia Eagles and saw Carson Wentz
•    Jerald got a gift from Guy … and Katie, Fares, Jerald, Chris are doing the Polar Plunge in Lake Calhoun.
•    Theresa is happy she checked out the security around Winter Park before her guests arrived
•    Roger is happy that he got new knives for loafs and fishes / St Gabriel
•    Ben was happy that Guy bought him coffee at the gas station.
•    Darlyne is happy that … uh oh I missed it. 
•    Nancy was happy Neal put a lot of coins in the Polio Jug … but didn’t appreciate the extra non monetary items
•    LaWayne was happy of her trip to Florida, shopping was good
•    Stacey was happy about her zip line experience
•    Ron was happy about the Rotary Winter Mid Term assembly
•    Todd ( guest ) is happy he has a new 3 year old Great Dane​​

Our Newsletter is The Rotary Spoke 

Building Responsible Youth

Guest Speaker: Patti Anderson, North Star Therapy Animals 
•     Patty began her talk by differentiating between Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support animals.  
•    Service animals are trained to perform a specific task, 
•    Therapy animals partner with their handler to volunteer at a variety of facilities and events with the intent of improving the lives of the people they visit, and
•    Emotional Support animals provide comfort to the owner.  
•    Emotional Support animals are not regulated and not necessarily trained.  
•    Therapy Animals are specially trained, tested and registered.  
•    There are 9 different species of therapy animals.    
•    Research shows that therapy animal can provide health benefits and improve work efficiency.  

Jacob called the end of the meeting promptly at 8:30am 

​​​​​​•    Meeting of January 31, 2018