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​​​​​​•    Meeting of February 28, 2018


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Jacob called the meeting to order at 7:35am

Invocation by Neal 
Change is difficult. I think that in any organization that’s undergoing change there’s a certain innate resistance and aversion to change in people. But I think if you find yourself in a position where you don’t change for a long time, that’s an indication of stagnation.  Change is good. Change means growth, and growth is uncomfortable. But it’s absolutely necessary. The success of people and the success of business is, in a lot of ways, directly proportional to the number of uncomfortable situations they’re in. People who are put in a lot of challenging situations grow personally and professionally. People who run into these challenges to change should realize that they are facing an opportunity to grow and in todays world it rings true ….. if you’re not growing you’re dying.  ….. Lord help us to embrace the changes and opportunities before us. …. Amen.

.........  mostly from Dave Betchellor / Fargo Inc Feb 2018

Rotary Minute was given by Cathy Carlson. … it was wonderful once again .. we must make this into a rotary ten minutes.

Our speaker Emily Wallace-Jackson with Project Minnesota Leon, 
Peg Keenan, Executive Director ICA, 

•    Peg Keenan thanked the Minnetonka Rotary for unwavering support with clean up efforts for the annual Empty Bowls.
•    Empty Bowls will take place Tuesday, March 13. We are on task for clean up from 6:30-8:00PM.
•    Dale stated that the Minnetonka Rotary was the number one donor to ICA and had given $10,000 in 2017. He shared that he had placed envelopes on each of the table if we would like to make a donation.
•    Nancy Davis: We are encouraged to bring in bottles of shampoo, 8-10 oz,

•    Jerald and Hopkins Auto Body are still recruiting for the Lake Calhoun plunge this Saturday, March 3. All participants need to be signed up by tomorrow, Thursday, March 1. .... Fares get ready for an experience. 


Somebody pulled the winning ticket. But did not  win 

New Member ...  Todd Moritz

Todd was inducted into the Minnetonka Rotary Today ... 

​Welcome aboard Todd. 

Happy Bucks collected by Glen
Guy – happy that Peg from ICA was here
Peg – happy for Rotary’s support of Empty Bowls
Katie – happy for Pete, Bill & Ron helping and making bowls
Ann – happy to be back after traveling 
Cathy – happy that the post office sent her a letter that should have gone to the UK ?
Molly – happy … well actually more surprised a daughter box contents & throwing pots
Frank  – happy that his sick brother is OK
Jerald – happy about his new puppy ….. thanks Cathy.
Theresa – happy about her upcoming trip …. And cookie sales are at 300 boxes …. Keep those orders coming
Dale – happy that those Norwegian Olympic skiers did so well and Jennifers Royal Bash was so well run 
Ron L – happy about Hopkins Education Foundation work to make a Royal Bash so successful
Regina  – happy that it's a good day
Dane – happy Ben helped him close and going to Germany soon.
Chris R – Hockey Happy
Chris C – happy Cookie sales are done …. Carry on Theresa ….. and Cabo San Lucas
Patty – happy her son at 16 years old passed his driving test. …. Get ready Jerald.
Sam – happy Theo convinced him to go into a cold Lake … after all who can resist ....."C’mon Papa"

Jennifer – happy Emily is here and Ron L helped out last minute with pictures ( 170 ) and the success of the Royal Bash and 440 attendees 
Mark Mag – happy about someone moving to Ketchum ? / the curling teams success / and a trip to Vermont.
 Katie – was happy a second time …. And really surprised with her husband Kevin talking with Dale when a loose appendage suddenly appeared. 
Scott J – was happy at all of the stories that come out in happy bucks to the point where he volunteered it was his 30th Anniversary..... let's face it happy bucks are contagious ! 

Speaker: Emily Wallace-Jackson,

Director of Development and

Outreach for Minnesota Project Leon,

Project Minnesota Leon has been in existence for 30 years strengthening human and community development through the exchange of people and ideas between Minnesota and Nicaragua.
Their goals are to bring people from Minnesota and Leon, Nicaragua so the can grow in their understanding of one another as individuals and cultures. They also facilitate community development in Leon where people

•    Project Leon is an non-profit that works in Nicaragua. 
•    Currently Hopkins Education Foundation Board President, has been a member and co-chair of the Hopkins Legislative Action Coalition for 10 years and is a practicing attorney who works on pro boon immigration cases.
•    She is also a Hopkins Public Schools parent who has two children who have graduated and one who is a junior.
•    PML has been in existence for 30 years strengthening human and community development through the exchange of people and ideas between Minnesota and Nicaragua.
•    PML goals are to bring people together from Minnesota and Leon, Nicaragua so the can grow in understanding one another as individuals and cultures.

•    PML also facilitates community development in Leon where people organize and act collectively to improve their quality of life.

•    Emily specifically spoke about people who live in the rural community of San Carlos, about five miles from Leon and the fact that they don't have access to potable water.

•    Ironically, there is a plot of land in San Carlos where a well pumps drinking water and sends it 12 miles away to another community.

•    She shared a picture of this well with barbed wire fences around it.

•    San Carlos is an impoverished state but they are a community that is trying to work together under the guidance of Rosa Lira, a PML project coordinator.

•    These people meet to advocate for themselves and with the local government to make a positive difference in their lives and are in the process of digging underground piping to carry the water for many miles. 

•    Mostly by hand with each family digging a 1000 foot trench / 9 feet wide / 3 feet deep. 

•    A backhoe did some of the work, but the terrain meant that most of this was dug by hand and these people are committed to getting clean water for daily use. 

•    Emily suggested we visit their website for more information,

Jacob called the meeting to a close promptly at 8:30am