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​​​​​​•    Meeting of March 7, 2018



Mexican scrambled eggs w/ toppings, bacon, yogurt, fruit, rolls and beverages!
Jacob opened the meeting with the bell at 8:36 am
Mac on the Book of John 1:16; the blessings we all have as individuals and as a club. Thankful for God’s Grace  …. “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.” ….. Amen

Speakers Jim Besst, LuAnn & Rob Wudlick   Courage Center. 
Ryan Johnson’s ticket #830 was chosen; he won and we like winners and he donated all $64 to Empty Bowls!
Cathy Carlson’s Rotary minute: 
The U N guidelines parallel ideals Rotary had 40 years prior. In 1947 the Rotary foundation donated $5,000 to countries that had been devastated by the war. That is about $70,000 in today’s dollars
•    Scott Johnson reminded us that on 3/15/18 we will be having our March, St. Pat’s Day social at Stacey Quinn’s house. $10/ person. The envelope was not passed around very well. If you did not sign up, but still plan on going, please let Scott Johnson know;
•    Alexa Rundquist; the Mtka. Rotary Foundation mtg. tonight, 6:30 pm, Dunn Brothers, next to Famous Dave’s (Hwy 7 and Williston). They will be discussing 2 projects; a bedding project and Hopkins Adult Education. Everyone is welcome!

•    Dale Feste; on Tues., March 13, 2018; Empty Bowls is

being held from 11 am -7 pm @ Hopkins Center For the Arts.

We are a major donor every year; over $1,000,000 has

been raised. Envelopes are on each table, if you want to

contribute. Come and see some of the excellent bowls

made by a few of our “potters,” Pete and his protégé Molly.

At 7 PM we will do the cleanup, w/ Mac and his vacuum.

Katie reminded us of beer after at The Big Ten

•    Nancy Davis; District 5950 has a project to help Homeless Girls; they will be collecting toiletries for gift bags. Our club is trying to donate 300 bottles of shampoo (larger than 8 oz), which is about 5 bottles/ member. Bring them to our meetings and Nancy will deliver.
•    Jennifer St. Clair; we are doing Loaves and Fishes on Monday, April second from 5-7 (only serving). We are looking for 9+ volunteers, a sign-up sheet is being passed.
•    Christine: her cousin had polio, has since passed away and there are copies of his book on a back table.

Rotary Foundation Award: 
Chris Rosenlund: “I have the funnest job in the club!”

He presented Cathy Carlson w/ the Humanitarian and

Education Foundation award for being a Major Donor

Level One; this means she as donated $10,000- $25,000.

A remarkable honor for a remarkable person!!

Happy Bucks: ( collected today was $66 for Building Responsible Youth ) 
•    Jerald collected and started with $8 for the Polar Plungers
•    Roger for a few weeks in Florida, but he is happy to be back w/ the snow
•    Edmund for being back, selling is restaurant, going for a vacation to Hong Kong and being able to spend more time w/ his family
•    Guy; is happy Edmund is back and will be able to spend more time w/ Rotary, Cathy’s award. he had all our Women stand up in honor of International Women’s Day tomorrow and how important they are to Minnetonka Rotary; we are lucky to have each and every one of you as members.
•    Katie; $4 for the Polar Plungers (Feres thought it was cold), our Empty Bowl makers and on a whim selling her house and buying a townhouse in St. Louis Park; good luck.
•    Sam; spending time w/ Grandson Theo and finding his money clip in a pants pocket … money found.
•    Bill; Alexa helping Suzanne’s son during the Polar Plunge, Sam for having a hearing aid battery and talking to son Brett twice last weekend while he is in Afghanistan
•    Scott Johnson; 30 year anniversary w/ Lenda last weekend skiing at Lutsen and watching the skiers from Courage Center
•    Alexa; the Polar Plunge and Jerald’s generosity of matching funds, all the members that donated, going to PETS and her first day back at work … happy lady. 
•    Scott Nagel; our blessing, his son doing well at College and even studying, plus his daughter having fun w/ the grandparents
•    Therese; being able to spend a few days w/ 500 amazing Women in California; the pilot that showed up for the red eye flight and a snow day
•    Dale; Ryan’s generous raffle donation of $64 for Empty Bowls and as Mac said; how blessed we all are
•    Karen; her daughter graduating this spring w/ her Masters
•    Terry; 9 days’ vacation w/ Beth in Ft. Meyers

Ron Besst, LuAnn & Rob Wudlick presentation  

on the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Ron Besst gave us an overview: 
•    Courage Center and Sister Kenny merged several years ago. 
•    In 2010 they have started the ABLE program (Activity- Based Locomotor Exercise). 
•    It has 3 main areas of focus; Locomotor Training, Electrical stimulation bike and Guided Exercise. 
•    The program has been so successful that it has already expanded their facility. 
•    However; there is still a long waiting list of up to a year. ABLE is a 3 month program that $15,000.
•    There is a scholarship program that helps.One of the main problems is reimbursement from the insurance companies. 
•    Much of the funding for the ABLE program comes from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Rob Wudlick told us of his accident and journey back. ;
•    He is a 2003 graduate of Mtka. where he was always active outside and on the Cross Country ski team. 
•    He went to Montana State and received a degree in Industrial Engineering. In 2011 
•    He was on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon and dove into the river, broke his neck, 
•    He was air lifted to the Las Vegas hospital where he spent awhile in ICU. 
•    Then he  went to the Denver hospital for 6 months of long term care
•    Eventually he was able to come home.
•    His accident was quite a lifestyle changing event. 
•    Once starting the ABLE program; he and his family saw daily improvements in mobility, strength, health, feeding himself and a decrease in his blood pressure. 
•    Rob is currently working w/ others on advocating in Washington D.C. for the rights of disabled people. He has a non-profit company that helps w/ this. 
•    One of his main goals is to work on the reimbursement polices w/ Minnesota insurance companies. 
•    Science is currently working on several things to help people w/ spinal injuries; implanted stimulation is one of them.
Jacob rang the bell at 8:29 am closing our meeting.