Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, yogurt, fruit and beverages

Jacob called the meeting to order at 8:34

Invocation:  by the Reverend Mac Hardin: 
Consider Romans  15:13 ……. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit........ We all get into bad situations and when it seems we have no clear path, we should place our trust in the Lord, to get us through any challenge we face. Our trust in the Lord will always give us this hope and hope is often the bright spot that carries us with His help … Lord help us to understand that you will give us hope. ….  Amen.

Tom Johnson from Hopkins Rotary, 
Kurt, Michelle and 
Our speaker Abdul Omari

Raffle: Chris Carr’s #909 was picked, but he did not win the $29

•    St. Pat’s Day/March Social is Thurs. night @ Stacey Quinn’s house (5:30 pm -7:30; directions will be included)
•    Jacob & Alexa reminded us of the Dist. 5950 Spring Conference at the Guthrie; an all-day event. The first 200 that sign up for dinner, will be sitting in the Yellow Box!
•    Nancy Davis talked about the Sex Trafficking event coming up w/ our district, we are hopefully donating 300 bottles of shampoo (over 8 oz); 5 bottles/ member
•    Devon is on another board and they are having a fund raiser on My 5th at Deer Run; see Devon for details

Minnetonka Rotary Grants: 
Alexa presented grants for our Rotary foundation to

--> Michele from Mtka. High School and the Senior Service project. A few days prior to graduation, the majority of the Senior class of Mtka. do a volunteer day; the favorites are washing Excelsior fire trucks and Spending time w/ some Seniors at a nursing home painting fingernails and going to Perkins. 
--> Kurt was presented w/ a grant for the Coop high school teams for kids w/ special needs. The team is made up w/ students from several local schools, including 6 from Hopkins. They have an upcoming State tournament for floor hockey and have been very successful the last few years.

Chris Rosenlund presented Bill S. w/ his Paul Harris plus 2 pin

Happy Bucks$$: ….. Mr. Happy, Lenny Newman collected.
•    Jennifer for Neal helping w/ mtg. notes a few weeks ago; an upcoming two week vacation in Fla.; Belated (yesterday) Birthday to Scott Johnson
•    Dane for Mac’s invocation and his trip to Germany
•    Devon for how welcoming our club was to last week’s speaker and Lenny
•    Dale for the 20th Empty Bowls served about 1800 people yesterday and our club’s continued financial and cleaning support. Plus the fellowship after
•    Regina for helping out at Empty Bowls and Dale’s involvement
•    Chris Carr donated $22 for his trip to Mexico w/ his company and the locals thinking we are a bunch of crazy Gringos for Polar Plunging
•    Alexa for the Polar plunge and PETS in Rochester
•    Cathy Carlson for one of the “Golden” grandkids going on a mission trip to Haiti for her spring break
•    Char Murphy for Empty Bowls and the Holiest day of the year-St. Pats!!!
•    Sue for Happy PI day and for her nephew that played in the HS Hockey tourney and was on the “all hair team”
•    Neal for becoming a Grandfather; again
•    Donna for a trip to Florida and this Sunday her son and girlfriend will be getting married and after 2 daughters, a boy is on the way
•    Bonnie for Patty Acomb being nominated for a house Senate seat and attending a funeral where she was able to re-connect w/ her college roommate
•    Ann for her non-snowy trip to Memphis
•    Christine for the life of her 80 year old lawyer mentor and for Guy NOT having a Rotary logo above their bed
•    Ron for Empty Bowls, our club’s team work and having an extra vacuum so he can become Mac’s protégé
•    Todd for his upcoming trip to Iowa City for a friend’s Mom’s service
•    Nancy for her trip to Rochester for PETS and the fantastic speech of past Pres. Rich King; he does have a Rotary logo above his bed
•    Katie; her 20th year being involved w/ Empty Bowls and thanking Dale for all his hard work
•    Guy for our speaker Abdul, Tom Johnson from Hopkins Rotary and the bedding project and Rochester PETS
•    Lenny for watching his Grandson’s first basketball game; plus doing again tonight and an invite to go visit Evan at college on Spirit airlines

Speaker Abdul Omari:
•    Youngest Regent at the U of M and in his 5 year of a 6 year term. 
•    Debating if he will run again.
•    His Dad is from Kenya and Mother from Jordan; one a Greek Orthodox and one a Muslim;  he was “Can you say confused,”  growing up.
•    Went to South High School and his first car was a 1982 Honda Accord 354K miles.
•    “How do the headlines play out in your work?”
•    Likes to help people connect.
•    U of M has 40,000 plus students w/ 12 Regents (8 from each Congressional district and 4 from at large) plus an advisory of 8 non-voting students from the different colleges.
•    They are trying to make a place of competing cultures, ideas and priorities.
•    We need to “get on the Balcony” and take a look at issues from different points of view.
•    In the past few years the productivity/employee has increased.
•    Hopefully they will be able to hold in-state tuitions and maybe even lower next year. 
•    Out state tuition will increase.
•    However; he does see the cost of education increasing.
Jacob rang the bell to send us off at 8:32am 

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​​​​​​•    Meeting of March 14, 2018