Egg sandwhich, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham yogurt, fruit and beverages

Jacob called the meeting to order at 7:32am
Sue Krueger; Happy days ahead…..Spring is Coming …. 
Spring in the north is always a tenuous step, as winter fights back doesn't willingly loose its grip. The ducks slide halfway across the pond when they land. The blackbirds trying to claim the prime nesting site might return to Iowa.  The robins give up on their half frozen worms and search for a bird feeder. Spring will prevail. The daffodils and tulips will poke out of winter's detritus. The dog will track muddy paw prints across the kitchen. The car will stay clean for more than a day or two. We will open the windows and exchange winter for spring.

But for Rotarians, we know spring is here when our snowbirds return from Arizona and Mexico. So when you see Dr. Bob and Dr. Alan, you will know warmer weather is here......... Amen.

Judy Johnson from the Maple Grove Rotary, our speaker
Cathy Carlson’s #012 was picked, but no joker, so a carryover

Rotary Moment by Cathy Carlson: 
The UN started to follow the Rotary motto after 1945. The # of clubs internationally (except in eastern bloc countries) started to increase. Moscow finally allowed their first club in 1990. The Polio initiative was started in 1985 and so far over 2 million kids have been vaccinated
•    Jacob & Alexa reminded us of the Dist. 5950 Spring Conference at the Guthrie; an all-day event on 5/21/18. The first 200 that sign up for dinner, will be sitting in the Yellow Box!
•    Resource West is having their Spring Gala on May 4th; if interested in having a Rotary table, let Jacob know.
•    Devon is on another board and they are having a fund raiser on May 4th at Deer Run; see Devon for details
•    Mark Magney: Our 20th Annual, Open House will be held on April 19th at Spassos (Mtka. Blvd & Hwy 101) 5:00-7:30. The purpose is to promote our fantastic club and hopefully meet some potential new members. So it is the responsibility of each club member; to invite one guest. We will provide appetizers for all and refreshments for our guests. Mtka. Rotarians are responsible to buy their own beverages. Appetizers include; Sesame Chicken Satay, Meatballs, Caprese Skewers, Crab Cakes, Beef Tenderloin Bites plus several other items
•    Nancy Davis; REMEMBER we have numbered tables.
•    Jacob set a Polio jug goal of $2,900; so far we are at $2,500; we have about 6 weeks left to reach our goal!!!
•    If interested in a Rotary international trip, the St. Louis Park club will be going to Uganda
•    Alexa; 4/18/18 @ 6:30 pm, our Foundation Committee is mtg. at Dun Brothers to discuss a GED program for adults and a Bedding project, plus several other grant requests.
•    4/21/18 our District Assembly will be in Burnsville. It is free to all of us. Breakfast and lunch will be served. 

•    Guy; Steve Solberg will be planting trees on the North Shore; ask Guy for details
•     Our club will be planting trees on June Second


  A grant was presented to Sarah from Move Forward

Happy Bucks $$: Jerald was the collector!
•    Mark Forsberg was a member of Toastmasters for 15 years and during that time met our speaker, Judy Johnson and talked about what a wonderful, passionate person she is
•    Roger & Regina; HAPPY to be alive
•    Ron L  for the Great St. Pats day party we had at Stacy’s and for finding out about the plastic ball in Stout beer
•    Dale Feste for Empty Bowls; $69,020 was raised, over 1,600 people were served soup and our generous club gave over $8,600 and did another fantastic clean-up
•    Stacey for the St. Pat’s Party (holiest day of the year!!!) and the Stout “bubbler”
•    Terry S for 9 days in Fla and 7 of them were sunny
•    Frank for growing up in Dubuque, Iowa and two sisters he grew up w/performed in the Wizard Of Oz in Wayzata
•    Lenny for his 13 year old Granddaughter and Dr. Bob will be back next week
•    Guy for the lucky #8, having Judy Johnson speak and for the flowers he will give to Christine
•    Judy Johnson for being at our club and her upcoming trips to Tanzania (2 photo safaris), Mexico and Uganda
•    Ron for table #11
•    Katie for all the great work that Sarah and Move forward does and for having Patty Acomb at the meeting
•    Alexa for all the fabric Cathy has donated and for how lucky she is for Audrey’s Polio vaccine

•    2/3 of the world’s un-educated kids are girls and one of the main reason is that they cannot go to school for about a week, while they are having their menstrual period. 
•    So when this happens, usually in the 5th or 6th grade they just drop out of school and then many of them get pregnant; which is very bad for them both mentally and physically. The longer a girl can stay in school the older until they become a bride. 
•    An educated girl is more respected. 
•    Plus many times if they have a child, at a young agethey will abandon it. 
•    There are many false Taboos re. menstruation; circumcision and they cannot cook. 600 million girls are living in developing countries.

•    Her group has provided over 2,600 kits for girls and just sent over a container to Uganda for her upcoming trip. 
•    Each kit has 2 ziplock bags; one for clean and one for dirty flannel pads; 8 pads and 2 shields that can last for 3 years. These also help w disease prevention. In Uganda there will be 3 sewing centers. 
•    In the Nakivale area the ladies made 10,00 bricks for the building. 
•    One of the building will have 3 women and only 2 men bathrooms!!
•    Uganda is currently getting 2,000 refugees/ day.
•    Albinos in Africa is also public health issue. She will be collecting sunglasses, hats w/ brims, reading glasses (I know most of you have a lot of those not being used) and 0ne suitcase (Katie already donated one).
•    If you want to donate; please contact Judy at the Maple Grove club or Katie in our club.

Jacob finish exactly on time at 8:30am


Speaker Judy Johnson: 
•    Wow…where to begin!
•    She is a member of the Maple Grove Rotary for the past 7 years, past President and her passion is being a vocal advocate for DAYS FOR GIRLS.
•    They make kits for young girls; “Turning periods into pathways.”
•    “Days for Girls volunteers and enterprises have reached more than ONE MILLION women and girls around the world-giving them back days of dignity, health solutions and education.”
•    Judy and her Twin became involved w/ this when they went to the International Rotary convention in Australia in 2014.

​​​​​​•    Meeting of March 21, 2018


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