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Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

​​Jacob started the meeting at 7:32am

Invocation by Mac: 

Two weeks ago I did the invocation about “Hope.”  Two of you emailed me later that morning saying the idea of hope made a good, positive, difference.  What did those emails do for me?  They not only made my day, but they encouraged me! ….. Let me relate  (1 Thessalonians 5:11: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.)

How can we encourage each other individually, or as a club?  Since we started passing the Polio Jug 6 ½ years ago, we have collected $11,806.46.  Think of the good our club has done to help eradicate the dreaded polio disease.   We encouraged each other to participate and the impact we had is obvious. 

Dear Father, thank you that we can each be a part of this wonderful Rotary Club.  We ask that you not only encourage us, but help us to encourage others as we go through this day and every day.  In Your Name we pray.  Amen

Four guests: 
Elena Imaretska …. A friend of Franks 
Wayne Buechler …. A friend of Chris
Chris ? … anybody know Chris ?
Ron Erhardt …. From St Louis Park Club 

•    Jacob: District Conference in May 21: Done in a Day project, bring 5 bottles of shampoo by the start of May for the personal hygiene packs 
•    …. And District Assembly on April 21st
•    Mac: I moved my office to home, so make note of where to send next quarterly payments
•    Chris: The Rotary Foundation, for those members who opted to give Chris a check, must be submitted by next Wed, Apr 4.
•    Bill: Apr 19 at Spasso, 5:00-7:30 is the Membership Open House
•    Guy: Exploring an Area 5 Twins Game with a tour of the stadium
•    Nancy: Uganda suitcase needs to be filled with sunglasses, readers and brimmed hats
•    Nancy: Tree Planting: May 8 and 9 on the North Shore, and May 20th in St Paul

Happy Bucks ​collected by Lenny 
•    Chris R: Temp above 32F, daughter going to France for the week…. volunteered to take spring break for the family.
•    Glen: flew to Wash DC twice, attended the March for our Lives on Sat., Mar 24
•    Roger: Liking that Bob is back
•    Bob: great to be back. Found a Club in AZ with a focus on youth 
•    Chris C: friend Wayne attending as a guest, 5th anniversary of his dad’s death, mom slipped on ice yesterday and didn’t join dad
•    Wayne: loves the student art on the wall
•    Dane: visited grandparents in AZ, then going to FL with the new baby.
•    Regina: received a box from her son, with a new coat
•    Karen: went to NY to visit her sister
•    LaWayne: found a $20 bill on the stairs and donated the cash
•    Todd: passed the CFP exam
•    Darlyne: today would be her mothers 100th birthday
•    Bill: skiing in CO with her son
•    Ron: going to New Jersey to see her daughter and family, and leaving mid morning rather than 4 am
•    Sam: celebrated a birthday in AZ, good to be back
•    Guy: glad Shawn in here to speak, first sign of spring today…Dr Bob
•    Therese: The kids sold 475 Girl Scout cookies, purchased tickets to attend the RI conference
•    Elena: my 3 year old learned how to say I Love You
•    Mark Magney: baseball opening day tomorrow
•    Terry: bought 2 puppies 
•    Jacob: going to NY today, baseball tomorrow and purchased tickets to RI convention

Todays Speaker: 
Shawn Abelson, Henn County Sheriff’s Office, 
Homeland Security, Criminal Intel Analyst

….. Avoiding and Preparing for Identity Theft

What can we do to protect ourselves ?
•    Protect your info
•    Keep an eye on your financial accounts and billing statements
•    Inform your financial institution asap
•    If you discover a confirmed problem, contact police immed.

Safefuard Your Info
•    Shred old financial documents 
•    Protect your SSN
•    Do not give out personal info unless ;you’re sure who you’re dealing with
•    Don’t use obvious computer passwords (use the first two letters of the website, then your typical PW)
•    Keep your info secure
•    Don’t leave your wallet/purse in car
•    Don’t leave your personal belongings unattended when in Public
•    Verify that any mailed bills arrive
•    Switch from Debit cards to Credit cards. Get rid of your debit cards. Banks will reimburse credit cards …. Debit cards are used and abused the money is gone.
•    Set up a Text alert with your bank if there is money charged against your card that is more than you spent. Set it for $1 over the actual charge.
•    Inspect your credit report. one free report per year

If you’re a victim or find a problem
•    Place a fraud alert on your credit reports by calling one of the 3 nationwide credit reporting companies
Equifax: 800-0525-6285
Experian 888-397-3742
TransUnion 800-680-7289

Jacob closed the meeting and rang the bell at 8:32am 

​​​​​​•    Meeting of March 28, 2018


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