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Jacob started the meeting at 7:31am 

​Invocation by Cathy Carlson: 

It is good to recognize how different we are.  Our talents, our dreams, our backgrounds, our occupations.  And it is good to know that when You created each of us, You broke the mold.  No one is exactly like anyone else.  Even our thumbprint and our voice track tell us how unique we are.  Yet, we thank You that we can take these differences and mobilize them for the good of Rotary and our community.  In our differences we can think the same thoughts and move together toward a common goal.  Bless us as we meet together.  Thank you for our individuality and also for our common bond of Rotary.  Amen.

•    Rotary Conference on May 21
•    Jennifer will be sending a sign up link if Rotarians

are interested in volunteering at Loaves & Fishes on your own.

Happy Bucks
•    Char: granddaughter completed 18,000 piece puzzle
•    Todd: wife accepting a new job at TCF today
•    Mark Marlin: Summerfest coming on June 23. New beer concessions at a city of Mtka event on Sept. 22, Johnny Holm Band
•    Jim: daughter will be attending Denver University in the fall
•    Regina: honored to have worked on MLK marches in Chicago. Today is 50th anniversary of MLK assassination
•    Chris Carr: going to the Twins Opener tomorrow
•    Chris R: daughter had a significant texting and phone bill while in France!
•    Katie: Fares worked at Loaves & Fishes and moving on Thursday
•    Devon: sister attended church services with him on Sunday
•    Molly: congrats to Univ of Notre Dame, she and her husband attended the game over the weekend
•    Lenny: granddaughter turning 13 and grandson turning 10
•    Roger: thank you to Fares for helping him sharpening knives at Loaves & Fishes
•    Bob: son recently married in LA. Told his perennial Twins Opener joke:  “No beer at the games this year because they lost the Opener?!!?” 
•    Bill: washing dishes with Katie
•    Neal: going through his old vinyl records
•    Guy: happy that Christine drove this morning
•    Cathy: 2 Golden grandchildren; one just returned from Haiti and the other from Europe

Speaker: City of Minnetonka Forester, Hannibal Hayes
City Forester manages 
•    Urban forests …. Pockets of trees 
•    Arboriculure ..... Single to several trees
•    Forests that make up our parks 

Mtka has a Natural Resources Division, unique for city government,

Hannibal is the Forester and he has a Tree Technician working for him. 

Forester Responsibilities
•    Plant Pest program; dutch elm, oak wild, emerald ash borer (no EAB detected in Mtka yet)
•    Monitor for other insect and diseases; chestnut bores, bur oak blight
•    Risk tree reduction
•    Pruning: right of way along city streets, risk reduction pruning over road ways, in city parks
•    Reforestation
•    Education and Outreach: annual tree sale with over 14,000 small trees sold over the past 11 years. Arbor Day Planting on June 2nd with the Mtka Rotary

Current Challenges in Minnetonka: 
Insects and diseases count for this past year
•    Dutch Elm (700 trees) and 
•    Oak wilt (85 trees), 
•    Ash trees with emerald ash borer preparations (removing 980 ash trees) 

Future Challenges:
•    How to deal with the aftermath of Emerald Ash Borer
•    Gypsy moth, Chinese longhorned beetle, mountain pine beetle, thousand canker disease (affects Black Walnut trees)
•    Climate Change: moving from cold hardiness zone from 4 to 7 and heat zone from 4 to 8. Much like the climate of Nebraska

Many new techniques and strategies to care for trees, 
…… get the book Golden Age of Tree Care

Jacob rang the bell at 8:31am signaling the close of our meeting. 

​​​​​​•    Meeting of April 4, 2018