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Service Above Self

Building Responsible Youth

Nancy called the meeting to order at 7:30am 

Invocation:  Mary Tombornino ....

These are terrible and grief stricken times.  We do no appeal to you to change us, but with your help we can do that. The monsters we fear live among us; they are not aliens or foreigners. May we all have the courage to recognize them and do our part and take action. At least make our voices heard and to hold ourselves and our leaders accountable. .... Amen

Rotary Minute

by Cathy Carlson:  detailed explanation of Rotary Foundation offering local and international grants.

•    Today’s speakers Henry Bromelkamp and Ruth Cioni 
•    Nolan and Audrey Rundquist 

•    Alex our support for surgery (get well soon!)
•    Polio- today marks the end of year for contribution
•    Alan- transferring Rotary membership to club in Mexico (email address on the spoke will be updated and emails to Alan would be welcomed)
•    Meeting next week 5/2 at Japs-Olson Printing, 7500 Excelsior Blvd, SLP.  If attending you must RSVP to Jacob.  Arrive at 7am.  Parking in front or eastside of building.  Breakfast will be coffee and donuts.  Brief meeting and no raffle or HB etc. followed by a tour.  NO PHONES OR CAMERAS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.  PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR.
•    Nolan collected $116 for shampoo
•    Devon – Deer Run Golf Tournament
•    Stacey – collecting for Junior Achievement fundraiser
Service projects
•    Shampoo drive until 5/16
•    Hwy 7 cleanup 4/28 at 8:30am @ Famous Dave’s
•    Postal Food Drive 5/12 need volunteers from 12-6:00pm, see Christine
•    Tree planting 6/2 save the date
•    Social – Progressive Dinner 6/7 save the date

Board Action Items
1.    Jacob approved a special committee to develop guidelines for dues/meals cost exception
2.    Approved a $200 expenditure for shampoo if 300 bottles not collected


Ann’s number was picked but no winner

Happy Bucks: collected by Bob Hersman …. Raised $89  for building responsible youth 
•    Todd is happy to be back
•    Char granddaughter went to Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening
•    Regina is happy to go shopping with Nolan for shampoo
•    Alexa is happy to have led a break out section at District Assembly
•    Lenny is happy grandkids are starting baseball and t-ball and Even is home from school for summer
•    Frank is happy about meeting with U of M Humphrey School graduate students who will be studying bio-sand water filters in Central America
•    Ann is happy that next week she will be in Tucson, AZ
•    Karen is happy daughter is graduating from graduate school at Augsburg
•    Glen is happy he is going to the cabin this weekend
•    Mac is happy that he will return to Japs-Olson building where 50 years ago he made daily deliveries
•    Katie is happy all the daughters made it home from the bachelorette party in Vegas
•    Chris is happy that he got to visit his old college in Oregon with his daughter who is starting her college search
•    Henry our guest is happy that his software development company is 40 years old
•    Bob is happy he is a grandpa!
•    Nancy is happy her sister is making a bench in honor of their father

Todays speakers; 
Henry Bromelkamp and Ruth Cioni.  
Henry is a member of the Minneapolis Rotary 9 club

and his motto is “If we don’t do it – who will?”

•    They talked with the group about a program called African Classroom Connection in Zululand, South Africa.  
•    Their mission is “Building Schools, Building Futures”.  
•    Before 1989 it was illegal to teach black people anything not needed for employment.  
•    In 1976 A community action group started by Rotary was started to build classrooms. 
•    There are now 3000 classrooms in 800 villages.

Ruth’s first visit to Aftica was in February 2016 and she told compelling stories of her interactions with youth while there.

They are in the process of putting together a Rotary global grant to build schools.

Nancy called the meeting to a close at 8:30am 

​​​​​​•    Meeting of April 25, 2018


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