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Building Responsible Youth

Invocation given by Christine
A little Madness in the Spring is wholesome even for the King. But God be with the Clown who ponders this tremendous scene … this whole experiment of green as if it were his own ! ….. Spring appears in whispers and hushed tones, as the bellowing winter bows away. Drowsy flowers come to attention waking from their sleep yawning with heads turned upward towards the Maestro called sun … I watch with anticipation as the concert begins …. Amen

Henry Wang from Plymouth checking out our club
Jim Benchhoff visiting from Crystal, New Hope & Robinsdale Rotary
Jack Lee our speaker today from Outward Bound

The pot was $51.  Our guest Henry pulled the ticket number 361, but Chris Carr was not a winner.

•    Jacob: Thanks to those that came to the Japs-Olson tour.  District Conference is 5/21 and still time to register.  Send email with suggestions for Rotarian of the Year.
•    Chris Rosenlund gave out two Paul Harris Fellows; one to Christine and one to Guy.  Congratulations to you both!
•    Chris Carr: first meeting for the annual fundraiser will be on 5/17
•    Neal: June 7 is the Progressive Dinner with start time of 5:00pm sign up sheet will be passed around next meeting
•    Christine: Saturday 5/12 is the Postal Food Drive from noon – 6:00pm
•    Alexa: Nolan bought 100 bottles of shampoo with the money raised.
•    Nancy: Polio jug is starting over for the new year.  Last year (ending April) we raised $2,916.42!
•    Jim Benchhoff: Crystal, New Hope, Robinsdale Club hosting the Elmer Rotary Club Classis golf tournament on 6/5.  Also selling $10 raffle tickets.

Happy Bucks:
•    Darlene: went to DC and NASA.  Outward Bound alumni
•    Regina: her son went to Outward Bound
•    Terry S.:  grandchild graduating!
•    Chris Carr: had lunch with Lenny, daughter involved in Master Chef Jr competition
•    Anne: was in Tucson and saw a javelina.  Sorry to have overslept for the roadside cleanup.
•    Patty: son picked Macalester for college, first haircut in a long time
•    Scott: son had car trouble in Kansas so Scott reached out to local Rotary club and they connected him with a mechanic
•    Nancy: brought in remnants of roadside cleanup.  Went to Florida for dinner
•    Mark Magney: Thanks to all who helped with the roadside cleanup.  When daughter was moving she had an accident with an elk.  Thankfully, she is ok!
•    Bob: To help with new grandson he washed his daughters car.  Everyone should go to the district conference for the show.
•    Jack Lee: Brought parents safely back from AZ
•    Mac: Happy Henry is here
•    Donna: Had a great 2 weeks in Florida
•    Mark Marlin: golf league started
•    Jim: daughter captain of the lacrosse team, son turned 14
•    Pete: fire in Hastings, house total loss though they managed to get out a wedding dress

Today’s speaker is Jack Lee

Executive Director of the Voyager Outward Bound School.  

He is a member of the Edina Rotary.

•    Motto of Outward Bound is “We can do far more than we think”
•    Some quotes were read from teens who participated in the program and how it transformed their lives.
•    Big issues face our community at a time of growing cultural tension.
•    Our community and nation needs leaders acting with character and compassion.

The Outward Bound mission is:
•    Changing lives through challenge and discovery.
•    Character, leadership, and service 
•    They challenge people by getting them out of their comfort zone 
•    Step away from technology, routines, habits and relationships to engage with themselves at a different level.
•    They have 11 schools programs across the country 
•    They mostly serve teenagers but also serve veterans.
•    With offices in Ely, Minneapolis, and Texas

​​​​​​•    Meeting of May 9, 2018


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