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We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

​​​​​​•    Meeting of May 16, 2018


​Meeting called to order by President Jacob

Invocation by Dane Espegard; Thoughts on When Things Go Wrong

This will be posted soon ..... 

Henry Wang, guest of Mac; Henry is interested in joining Rotary; our club a strong contender
Craig and Ann Clark, introduced by Char. See their story in Happy Bucks
Shauna McDonald, our speaker today, from Playworks. 

Cathy with our Rotary Minute
As Rotarians, we project the image of Rotary. We live out the Rotary values in our daily lives.
It is our responsibility to increase public understanding of Rotary and the good work we do everywhere. We also propose new members to Rotary to continue and grow Rotary worldwide. 

Raffle, with Terry Schneider
Todd Moritz had a handful of tickets and cards, but no luck in completing the winning process.

•    Katie; Rotary Tree Planting on June 2 at 8:30 AM. Meet at Mtka City Hall near Ice Rink
•    The HHS A cappella choir will sing to us next Wednesday. A MUST see performance, andLet’s all try to

      arrive early, give them plenty of time, and talk to them afterwards.
•    Gerald; Raffle tickets are IN; Golf Event is Sept 13th. 1500 Tickets to sell, we can DO it!
•    M Marlin; We will be selling beer at Mtka Summerfest on June 21. Big turnout, mark your calendars.
•    M Magney; Progressive dinner on June 7th; times and locations to come.
•    Jacob; Register for the District Conference on May 21st 
•    Board Meeting on Friday, May 25th at 7:30 at the new Hopkins Commons, 10th and Main St.
•    Send your suggestions to Jacob for Rotarian of the Year.

Paul Harris Awards;
Chris honored our 2 latest PH Fellows;

LaWayne Yaeger (+1) and Ann Wengronowitz (+5)
Thank you to all our PH fellows for their contributions.

Happy Bucks, run by Darlyne
•    Lenny; for our speaker, Shauna McDonald and having Evan home; music in the house again.
•    Sam; home from Austin, TX, reducing BBQ intake, cardiologist happy too. 4 y.o. grandson riding Trixie Trot, the pony
•    Chris R; obtained Mtka liquor license for Summerfest, Mayor Terry’s vote not there this year.
•    Frank; Books for Africa event with Kofi Annan and Walter Mondale. Also, the sad death of the mother  of April Gilbert, who runs Books for Africa.
•    Pete; A friend with Angel Hair, who makes wigs from donated hair, will be setting up in Tony
•    Newman’s building. Also, an Open House for that effort on May 24th. Call Pete for details.
•    Therese; happy that all her hard work at the Legislature ended with a 123-0 vote, in her favor.
•    Stacey; she raised $8700 bowling for Junior Achievement. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.
•    Geraldis $16 happy today for 16 years in Rotary and for daughter Vanessa’s 16th birthday today. 
•    Ron; daughter Arianna back from Africa (Kenya?) 
•    Terry; happy that he WASN’T at council meeting; no more of that. Thanks for your service, Terry
•    Cathy; Golden child report; one graduating from St. Thomas, on to Master’s program at U of M.
•    Ann and Craig Clark, visiting Rotarians. They are part of Rotary in Thailand, and help children with Medical needs. Craig is a former teacher from Hopkins, and was happy today to see a former music
•    Student Mark Magney was a trumpet player just 47 years ago. 
•    Katie; reminding us that Ramadan is soon and our exchange student, Fares Boubred, will be fasting.  She also recalls Craig Clark as a beloved teacher from Hopkins, and recalls HER experience  In Thailand on a wild bicycle ride down a muddy hill, ending in a concussion. Sounds like FUN!
•    Regina; happy for the joy in the room today, happy to be here.
•    Floriane; $20 happy, as she is back with us after 19 weeks away in Africa. 
•    Dane; $3 for the end of school, and CutCo season starting. Also, their 2nd child is due soon, a girl, and  He hopes she’ll wait until the bathrooms are working again.
•    Bill; for an upcoming trip to Nisswa with Scott J and some other roommates from that era. 
•    Nancy; for planting 2500 trees at Two Harbors (not by herself) with the District, and for seeing Split Rock and Gooseberry Falls. Also for the Post Office food drive for ICA with Christine’s guidance.
•    Jennifer; for a successful Royal Bash and good publicity in Mtka Magazine, with Ron’s photo help.
•    Glen; for HIS 4 y.o. grandson, up fishing. Glad they didn’t catch fish. Which this reporter didn’t quite get  The ‘shiners’ part of the story, and neither did
•    Donna; who also asked, ‘What’s a Shiner?” Did someone get a Black Eye? She also learned good  Food handling skills with a fully packed post office truck.
•    Ann; it’s cabin opening season, and she’ll be in Bemidji for grandma duties. 
•    Darlyne; a birthday, and a song today. Also, celebrating with 6 High School friends. 

Our speaker today, Shauna McDonald, from Playworks. Introduced by Lenny.
•    Playworks helps school districts identify and improve children’s growth with the very important skills learned through Play.
•    We all play; It is a universal human, and actually mammalian, behavior; it is critical for child development. 
•    NASA found that their young engineers were long on theory, but short on innovation and creativity.
•    The best problem solvers had other backgrounds in music, theater, sports, or foreign languages.

•    Playworks is now helping 23,000 kids in Minnesota, and 1.2 million nationally. 
•    Kids are spending 8.5 hours/day on screens; not enough recess, nor interaction, nor developing the skills learned through unstructured Play. 
•    They have activities, but are too structured, not spontaneous. 
•    There is an increase in mental health issue, and A.D.D. problems. 

•    Playworks  partners with educators and kids, create environments to learn real life skills, and more Independence. 
•    They help kids to say, “I can do this”, like the original NASA scientists.
•    Recess is the biggest classroom kids have; they learn to be included, to participate, build a community awareness. 
•    Outcomes include more active kids, better processing and memory, better problem solving, and engagement.

•    There is a DECREASE in bullying as a result. 
•    One final comment was that Excelsior Elementary transformed their environment, went from 312 Incidents to 12 in a school year. 

Thank you, Shauna, for this important work you and Playworks does. 
It fits very well into our club’s goal of Building Responsible Youth. 

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