Meeting called to order at 7:35 by President Jacob

Invocation, on short notice, by Rev. Mac 
What is it that keeps you busy but gets you absolutely nowhere?  A rocking chairIt’s the same with worry.  It keeps you busy but gets you absolutely nowhere!  Matthew, Chapter 6:  Verse 27: Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?   Verse 34: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

Dear Father, thank you for all you have given us.  Let us not worry, but help us look forward to the future, trusting in You, with joyful anticipation of all the good things that You will provide.  It is Your name that we pray.  Amen.

Many Guests Today
The host families of exchange student, Fares, including
Kim and Roger, Sean, Trent, and Ryan Hunwarden
Val and Meghan O’Reilly  
Susan and Josh Abrams were not here today, 
but all are very much appreciated for their time.

More Guests
Diana Walker and Bill Knaab (sp?) with Chris Carr. They are considering joining our club.
David and Kathleen Hoiriis, and daughter Kathleen
    Kathleen will be our outgoing Rotary Exchange student, to South Korea, in August
    She had kind words to say to our club, and especially Katie and Mark, for sponsoring her.
Our guy, Nolan Rundquist, also here today with Mom and Dad

Raffle was conducted by Terry 

 Fares has the winning ticket, AND, draws the lucky card closing the deal to be $97 richer today. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

•    Bill; Lets pass that Polio Jug
•    Alexa; 5/30 regular Wed meeting, Karen will present our Foundation Scholarship to Mtka HS winner.
•    Theresa; Club Program Meeting on Friday 6/1/18 @ 7:30 AM, at Dunn Brothers Hwy 7. 
•    Pete; Angel Hair (Donated Hair for Cancer) Open House at his office. 5:00 PM on 5/24/18
•    Neal; Progressive Dinner on 6/7/18. Starts at 5:00 at Mark Marlin’s home. $15 single/$25 couple
•    M Marlin; Mtka Summerfest on 6/23 at Mtka City Hall. Sign up for shifts starting in afternoon.
•    Christine; Tree Planting at Mtka City Hall  6/2/18 at 8:30 near hockey rinks
•    Chris Carr; Fundraising kicked off last Thursday; watch for next meeting date.
•    Jacob; Board Mtg on Friday 5/25/18 at 7:30 AM. Hopkins Commons. 10th and Mainstreet  Also, a moment of silence for our dear member and friend, Alan Bensmann, who passed away.  There will be a memorial service on Sunday, 6/10 at 3:00 PM at Bet Shalom in Minnetonka
•    Katie; introduced the host families, and gave our appreciation for volunteering. Many thanks!

Happy Buck, with Darlyne
•    Ann; for a busy day with the grandkids, and the dog!, in Bemidji. All’s well that ends well
•    Jim Martin; for neighbors knowing Fares, and for his daughter Abbey’s birthday
•    Regina; just happy; laughing too much to be specific.
•    Theresa; for the legislative session being over, and going to New York soon
•    Nolan; for graduation from pre-school and for a day at Wildcraft, and to Duluth soon.
•    Bob; for HIS grandson Nolan, 5 weeks old. He’s looking at his Mom, as if to ask, ‘Who is this Grandpa guy making faces at me?”
•    Bill; for a trip to the cabin with family this weekend.
•    Lenny; for a visit to Ohio, and for a family wedding there.
•    Cathy; reporting to us that Char moved to a new place yesterday, too tired to be here today.
•    Karen; her graduated daughter got a JOB!, and for presenting our scholarship next week.
•    Neal; for returning from Las Vegas, and all boats are in at the lake.
•    Christine; several reasons; that Alan Bensmann did not suffer long, that Guy was there in Mexico, For her North Carolina family, for the District Spring conference, and for the Post Office Drive
•    Chris Carr; for his guests, and for a trip to Disneyworld; Mtka Boat Houses book in Florida.
•    Jacob; for him joining the group in NYC, and for a tree planted in Mexico in Alan’s honor.

Our speakers/performers today are the A Capella choir from HHS.... see videos below .... 
•    The Midori women, and The Josh (?, missed that) men. 
•    They gave us several wonderful songs today, starting with 
•    The Star Spangled Banner, and then some jazzy and fun, and some beautifully in Latin, and from the Bonny Banks of Loch Lomand.
•    There was time at the end to hear of their plans after high school. Our future is in good hands.
•    This remains one of the highlight meetings of the year. 
•    Thank you to Katie Ervin, the director for bringing them over today. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:35


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​​​​​​​•    Meeting of May 23, 2018


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