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Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

Meeting called to order by President Jacob at 7:35am

Invocation by Rev. Mac

He hopes that he doesn’t step over the line with his scriptures, as we all come from different places spiritually, even some may be atheists. It reminds him when he went out with an atheist. He thinks she might have said afterwards, “Thank God THAT’s Over”
We all have fears or anxieties from time to time, Mac reminds that Isaiah 41:10 says Do Not be Afraid, for the Lord is with us and will strengthen, help, and uphold us. 

•    Bill Knab and Diane Walker, no longer guests, they are officially our two newest members.

     Welcome to the Club!
•    Mike Glover, with Jennifer, from the HHS Education Office

Rotary Minute with Cathy, on the International Rotary Experience.
•    There are many ways to be involved with RI world-wide; 
•    Youth exchange, make up at clubs around the world, and involvement with an international project. 
•    One of the BEST ways is to attend an International Convention, like the upcoming one in Toronto June 23-27.
•    It should be a goal of every Rotarian to attend at least one, and meet and network with some 30,000 like-minded Rotarians. 
•    It will help make the world a better place.

Raffle with Terry; 
Chris Carr has the winning #, but a fresh deck of cards did not make him a winner.

•    Floriane; she is back from Rwanda, where she exchanged a Mtka Banner with a local club there.
•    Neal; The Progressive Dinner, June 7 at 5:00, starting at Mark Marlin’s home.
•    Guy; The Memorial service for Alan Bennsman is at Bet Shalom, Sunday June 10, 3:00 PM
The Mtka Tree Planting will be this Saturday, June 2, at Mtka City Hall. 8:30 AM.
•    Jerald; Raffle Tickets are ready for your pick-up. Our goal is 1500 tickets this year.
We will have a sign-up sheet to go to different clubs to sell to other Rotarians.
•    Mark Marlin; Mtka Summerfest on Saturday, June 23. We need about 30-35 volunteers for shifts 
From 1:00 to 10:00. Sign up on-line.
•    Katie; Fares, our exchange student, graduates soon. A party will be at the O’Rieley home from 
2-4:00. Look for details on time and address, and stop to say goodbye to Fares.

Happy Bucks with Darlyne
•    Ron Levitus; $5, 1 for each of his grandchildren, who he will be visiting soon. It’s been a long time
•    Mary; $5 for a granddaughter’s wedding in June, and her daughter (?) a professor in Taiwan
•    Sam; $2, $1 that he has money this week, and $1 for a scholarship in his brother’s name.
•    Darlyne; travel to NY tomorrow, for a client, The Ham Radio Club of America
•    Terry; survived 103 degree heat in Nebraska at a reunion.
•    Char; $3, for her recent home sale and move to The Moline Apts, and a Protest $1
For the $5 difference between single and couple for the Progressive Dinner.
She and Cathy are coming as a couple, but now its only $4 difference with the Happy $!
•    Frank; for trips to Washington DC and to rural Nebraska; Pioneer Country
•    Katie; for our Board approving a $250 grant to the A Cappella singers.
•    Bill and Diane; (already on a first name basis!) for a new Grand SON, who everyone thought was A Grand DAUGHTER. Surprise!
•    Chris Carr; $10, for a 9th Anniversary, and for the afore mentioned new members, Bill and Diane
•    Nancy; $5, for taking care of the Naked Grandchildren in but not on MY watch you don’t.
•    Todd; $2 for golfing for the first time this year (Refer to Mac’s Be Not Afraid!) and soon to
rid himself of the New member red tag.
•    Christine; $5 for going to the RI Convention, and visiting family along the way. Also, NiagaraFalls for a 2025 Anniversary (?). She and Char sartorially coordinated today. 
•    Guy; a sad $5, mixed feelings today for having been in Mexico for Alan’s service there.
•    Bob; Also, a sad $5 for the death of his Mother-in-Law on Memorial Day. The blessing was the short time of her suffering, and all Bob’s kids got to visit with her before her passing.
•    Mark Marlin; a wet golf round, and clean shoes as a result
•    Regina; once again, just happy, and maybe a specific $1 for successful plantings.
•    Pete; happy to be sitting with Jerald, and discussing the upcoming Hail Season. Mutual interests.

Our Speakers today were two Vocationals
•    Todd Moritz, our newest member
•    Todd grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and 
•    graduated from Drake Univ with degrees in accounting and finance. 
•    There are many CPA’s in his family, but he moved on from audits and corporations to tax advising, and now financial planning.
•    Todd was most interested in showing us his big family, with many pictures of siblings, nieces and nephews, and dog

•    He and Hilary married in 2016, a beer and wine wedding, which was loosely themed as “Hoppy Wife Hoppy Life”, and they honeymooned in Scotland.
•    They have 200 lbs. of dogs at home, Duncan and Jax. Todd and Jax share the same medication for anxiety, so always a supply on hand. 

•    Todd is a big hockey fan, enjoys golf, Play Station, and reading non-understandable books on 
Astrophysics. He is on a SEE FOOD diet, and helps at Prepare and Prosper, a non-profit for low income tax prep. 
•    He joined our Club just in January, and is already doing heavy lifting for the fundraiser.
...…Thanks, Todd.

Neal Enzenauer, has been with us for 25 years, with a hiatus in there somewhere. 
•    He lived and was raised in Rush City, and is the oldest of 3 boys. 
•    He was an Eagle Scout at 13, and was Senior Class President. 
•    He attended UMD, and graduated from the U of M Institute of Technology as a BSEE. 
•    The first part of his career in the electronics field, was engineering in defense work, computer industry, bar code industry and disk drive test equipment.

•    His second career in electronics was Technical Support for the Electronics industry. 
•    He moved across the desk in 1986 to work as a Field Application Engineer for Semiconductor companies based out of California in a field office here in Minneapolis. 
•    Today he is a manufacturer’s rep, for companies in the Minnesota and the five state area, all in electronics.
•    He is involved at many levels, mainly to make sure things are done right, and on time.
•    Neal was married in 1982; he and Deborah have 2 children .... , Jill and Carl, 
•    He has 1.5 grandchildren, baby Cora is 2 ½ years old and another on the way.
……Thanks, Neal. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:31am

Our Newsletter is The Rotary Spoke 

​​​​​​​•    Meeting of May 30, 2018    ​​​​​​​​•