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Service Above Self

Building Responsible Youth

Our Newsletter is The Rotary Spoke 

​​​​​​​•    Meeting of June 20, 2018    ​​​​​​​​•    


Jacob opened the meeting at 7:32am
Invocation was given by Alexa.
Thanked mac for making things applicable. Corinthians 13 is love is patient love is kind. I've never liked it and it never felt applicable to her. Someone suggested replacing love with wife. How about mother? Now it felt applicable. What if we replaced it with rotarian.
A rotarian is patient, a rotarian is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 a rotarian does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Remember our role of a rotarian. Service above self.
Rotary Minute - Cathy - Rotary fellowship exchange gives participants opportunity to visit other rotarians and experience rotary internationally. Non members are eligible to participate starting last year. You can travel as a group, family, or individually. Learn about other regions, people, culture, history, and rotary experience. The youth exchange for adults.
Mark Magneys ticket was called, he had a great cribbage hand, but the drawing of the card was not successful; potential winnings added to next week’s drawings.
•    Alexa - Introduced Omar. Omar was a GED graduate that we granted a scholarship to. GED was hard work, but wanted to thank us for the contribution and opportunity to pursue his education. He wants to go into nursing or business.
•    Alexa, again - welcoming Mark with the Ridgedale YMCA. Wrote us a grant for camp Christmas tree. Is a rotarian and director at ymca. Grant would send four students to camp, but rotary decided to make it five! All five kids are going to camp and would otherwise not be able to afford it. This is the definition of building responsible youth. 
•    Mark Marlin - Summerfest this Saturday. We need your kids, and potentially dogs? Need a server, and Sam stepped up big. Also need raffle a ticket seller from 4-7 and two ticket sellers from 7-10.
•    Gerald - go sell raffle tickets. Everyone should have a book or so. 
•    Sarah - Gavel pass is tonight at Maynards. 5-7 but can show up early! Bill might head straight there after the meeting
•    Nancy - Bob’s birthday! AND Jennifers birthday too, even though she isn’t here.
•    Last Friday was final board meeting of the year. Transferred $8000 to rotary foundation according to Jacob. $7000 according to the rules of math and facts.
•    Chris - covered $1100 of $1700 shortcoming before year end. If you are able to help, please consider contributing. Chris will resend out info. Will need member number, club number, and fund share. Need to put in before June 30th.
•    Chris - Jerald is a superstar and got his picture taken for being PHF+8
Happy Bucks:
•    Tony - happy he's here. Happy Sarah helped out with his kids. Sad/happy buck for shared birthdays - Bob must be aging rough orrrrrrrrrrr she looks terrific
•    Gerald - Cathy gave him a pen, he's losing pens. Also celebrated 20yr anniversary in Mexico
•    Jim - youngest daughter graduated from HS. Oldest son, Jack, is going back to college on Saturday
•    Chris - daughter graduated and survived the grad party. Last week was at a hockey camp with son in STL. Did very well. Tony fixed his car, but only about 90% of it.
•    Bob - tony missed opportunity for a great compliment to Jennifer. Tomorrow is longest day of the year. Golf 54 holes tomorrow
•    Todd - best man at his best friends wedding this weekend. Happy he finished writing the speech, scared to actually give the speech
•    Glen - spent two weeks in DC. Glad to be done changing diapers
•    Ron - frequent calls from grandson, leo. He wants to come visit listen to the google box play music. Wants to get on an airplane to visit. Sweet of the Youngun
•    Regina - just happy to be here
•    Sam - happy that rotary continues the peaceful transition of power. Good luck, Nancy. May the odds be ever in your favor. Also, walking the dog has helped get in shape. Marched in a parade and got over 13k steps.
•    Katie - 77 cents worth of happiness for her daughters 450 person Indian wedding. Was very moving, emotionally, and physically as they danced a LOT
•    Sarah - happy in last month before due today!
•    Mark - Summerfest planning is finally finished. Bring a hat or you get a hairnet. 
•    Darlene - participated in friendship exchange and had a woman from Thailand stay with her. Was wonderful and bringing her to basilica was fascinating.
•    Cathy - one of the golden children just finished junior year at holy family high school. ALL A’s and an A+ in Latin of all things.
•    Terry - donated a quarter to help Katie get the rest of the way. Also happy he’s building a deck with his wife. Far cheaper than paying for it.
•    Nate - a defense buck because Alexa begs to mow the lawn and escape the boys. 
•    Alexa - one for Omar being here. One for Char, who is on her way to FL. She hosted a wonderful party with lots of wine and only 5 people. $2.78 for Jacob’s last meeting. First phone call from jacob was as he was watching reruns of doug on nickelodeon. Looking forward to the phone calls returning to these important topics. With all the free time, she gifted some scotch. Ceremoniously opened.
•    Pete - thanked Carolyn for coming to club again after last week. Son gets to pick from test pilot or F18 position.
•    Katie - two more IOUs. Happy for Omar. Academic work in a second language is extremely difficult. Applause for Jacob. Job well done.

Club Assembly:
•    Mark, Katie, and Jim - youth exchange. We will be hosting two students - arrive mid to late august. Need three host families for each student. Don’t have any currently. Freesha (sp?) and Mayuka
•    Alexa - recap of foundation - Pete served as voice of reason and Glen served as treasurer. Gave 16 domestic grants and 5 international grants. About $24,000 given away this year. Nancy will get to give away about $40,000 as president.

•   The Rotarian of the year is Mac Hardin  

    He has done lots of behind the scenes work

    .... and He always brings his A Game as well..

•    Membership up to 62 this year from 58. +7 -3
•    Services projects increased
•    Gifts for the board - service above self mugs
•    Thanks to Sarah, Scott, Bob, Alexa, Mark, Katie, Bill, Mac, Dan, Stacy, and Nancy. Jacob almost forgot Chris, but he deserves the recognition too!
•    Also thanks to Jacob for the year as president!
•    Thoughts with Chris Carr who has bronchitis.
•    Thank you to board, but really thank you to everyone in the club!
Jacob closed the meeting at 8:33am