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.The Meeting of November 1 , 2017

President Jacob Milner called the meeting to order at 7:35 AM.

Todays invocation was presented by Mac and centered around Peace:
One of the things I like most about life is peace.  World Peace, Family Peace, Peace in the Workplace, and of course Peace of Mind.  To achieve Peace one must search for Peace. Psalms 34:14 says  “….. seek peace and pursue it.”   We need to activate peace in our lives by being thankful everyday and it all starts with today. .... thank you Lord for Peace today. …. Amen.


--> Siddharth Chandramouli [Guest of Lenny Newman]
--> Alex of Minnetonka High School [Student going to Camp Enterprise] above on the far left

--> Tim Mulcrone [District 5950 Guest Speaker] next to Alex

--> Eliza Severson from Anu Family Services [Grant Recipient] on the far right pictured with Alexa 

New Members today:  
Shane Haggerty of Citizens Bank in Hopkins was inducted into the Club; 
Jim Martin, Attorney, was (re)inducted into the Club.pictured here with Mark and Bill on the outside. 

--> Therese said that the Program Committee would meet on Friday from 7:45 to 8:45 AM at Dunn Bros. on Highway 7.
--> Scott J reminded everyone of Charter Night at 6:00 PM at the Excelsior Commons; he got a count of 30 probable attendees.
--> Chris C thanked everyone for their work on the golf fundraiser. The Club earned over $31,600 [A new record] at the event. There will be a debriefing meeting on either November 9th or 16th [TBD].
--> Mark Mag reminded everyone of a Membership Committee meeting tonight at 4:45 PM at the Gold Nugget on Excelsior Boulevard.
--> Glen J spoke about FreeBikes4Kidz on Saturday, November 11th at the FreeBikes4Kidz Warehouse in New Hope. Participants are asked to wear Rotary t-shirts if they have them.
--> Pete G asked that potential mentors connect with him, Chris Roselund, Nancy Davis, or Mark Marlin.
--> Nancy read the first paragraph of the World Polio Day Proclamation that Mayor Terry Schneider signed at the most recent Minnetonka City Council meeting; four Club members were present for the event. She added that the Club has collected $1,560.00 thus far this year for Polio Plus (which is 16% above the total at this time during the last fiscal year).
--> Alexa announced that there is still time to guess the gender of her and Nate unborn child. She also introduced Eliza Severson from Anu Family Services, which has forty foster homes, as a grant recipient.

Raffle Ticket #791 was drawn. Our guest, Siddharth Chandramouli, had the winning number; but he did not draw the evasive Joker.

Happy Bucks were collected by Ron Levitus …. $54 were collected to Build Responsible Youth. 
--> Neal: Happy that Alex of Minnetonka High School was attending our meeting.
--> Sam: Wife, Deb, is happy after visit to Arizona.
--> Ron U: Happy that Mary T’s vision has improved.
--> Jim Martin: Went to girls’ semifinal soccer match with his daughter; didn’t have to escort any of his children for Halloween Trick or Treat this year for the first time in 22 years.
--> Chris R.: Received four more RI pledge forms.
--> Therese: Her oldest moved up into the next level in swimming competition.
--> Lenny: (1) His guest, Siddharth Chandramouli; (2) Will close on his home tomorrow; (3) Going to be with Evan, his son, and Evan’s significant other to a wedding in Wisconsin this weekend.
--> Dane: His daughter is fully mobile again, and he and his wife have a new baby on the way.
--> Ann: The two new members brought down the average age of Club members.
--> Regina: Happy that her children sent cards and gifts for her upcoming birthday.
--> Katie: Her husband is having success with starting a small medical device company partly based in San Francisco.
--> Frank: Happy Tim Mulcrone was visiting. Talked about a great article in National Geographic: “Why Vaccines Matter.”
--> Molly: Happy to be over an illness and that her children are visiting.
--> Shane: (1) Dad is 74; (2) Happy to be a new member; (3) Glad “Dracula” is here to visit.
--> Pete: Generous donor gave a new pottery wheel to help him in his quest to make everyone a “mud slinger.”
--> Scott J: Congratulated Chris Carr on his great job as Fundraising Chair and told everyone that he learned that Shane was a professional ballroom dancer.
--> Mary: Happy that Ron was patient with her while she had eye and balance problems for two years.

Program:  Tim Mulcrone, District 5950 Polio Chair. 
--> Nancy Davis introduced Tim, who is in his sixth year as District Polio Plus Chair. He started with Rotary in 1985 on a Group Study Exchange to Chile. He is a Charter Member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Chanhassen and the former Assistant Governor for Area Six.     
--> Tim’s job is to help Clubs in the District reach their Polio Plus goals. He gave an outstanding metaphorical “Draculan” story about the plague of polio throughout the world.  
He reminded everyone that October 24th was World Polio Day.
--> He gave a history of polio in Minnesota where people were quarantined; avoided public places like. sporting events and swimming pools; when the State Fair was cancelled in 1946 [The only time in its history!].
--> He said that much hope happened when Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine in 1955.

Tim then answered questions:
--> Unclean water is the medium for polio transmission.
--> There is a correlation between disease eradication and peace.
--> Pakistan and Afghanistan are still endemic; Nigeria is polio free, but hasn’t met the three to five year “No new cases” and environmental testing goals yet.
--> Oral polio vaccine can have an active virus which results in approximately 600 cases in 2.5 --billion immunizations; injectable polio vaccine has only inactive viruses and is the preferred method for vaccinations. Oral vaccine cost about $ .60 per dose, and injectable vaccine about $1.80 per dose.
--> The world needs about one billion dollars per year to fight polio; Rotary has raised a total of $1.7 Billion. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been exceedingly generous in the polio fight.  
--> About two hundred people are exposed to polio virus before a case occurs.
--> There is one of three strains of polio left.