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Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

The "Still no Baby for Alexa" Meeting of Nov. 8, 2017

--> Evan and Hunter, whom we sponsored for Camp Enterprise this past weekend, came to say thank you and recapped their weekend of studies in entrepreneurship, networking and case studies.
--> Gabby and Michael from Pinky Swear were here to accept a check from the Rotary Foundation.
--> Cameron Stiele came for breakfast, and then left early to attend school.
--> Sara Turner made a return appearance, as a guest of Dane's.

Building Responsible Youth

Our Newsletter is the Rotary Spoke

The meeting was called to order by Jacob at 7:34.

Invocation by Glen Juntti. •When there is turmoil swirling around us, Let us be the calm.  When the world is dark and full of fear,  Let us bring the light of dawn.  When voices shout and conflict reigns,  Let us be there for relief.  When hope is needed everywhere,  Let us raise a voice for peace.

Special Seating Discussion: 
The day's seating rules, where everyone draws a number and sits at the corresponding table, caused a shakeup as we all adjusted to our new locations.  Chaos, I tell you, sheer chaos, as Char sat on the opposite side of the room and Mac was dislodged from his regular seat.  Next it will be cats playing with dogs.   Give your feedback, good and bad, to Jacob or a member of the Membership Committee.  

Raffle - the pot was about $50, Dane held the winning ticket but couldn't pull the winning card, rolling the pot over another week.

Announcements :  
--> Charter Night - a big thank you to Kathy, Bill S., Scott J., Sarah, Mark and Tammy for pulling everything together for an enjoyable evening.
--> Nominations are now open for Secretary Elect, everyone should have received an email from Jacob announcing this.
--> This Saturday is Bike for Kids, 9-12:00
--> Fireside chat on 11/15, RSVP to Mark Magney.
--> Christine L. - Community Service with ICA and Moving Carts at Byerly's as a club fundraiser
--> Nancy- District Assembly on Jan 27 in St. Boni

As a special feature of today's seating experiment, everyone at Table 5 won a $5 Starbucks card…..almost makes the special arrangement fun. 

Happy Bucks:
--> Roger - many fine young philanthropists in Gabby and Michael especially, and also great to see Evan and Hunter give a recap of Camp Enterprise.
--> Dane - happy to have Sara here
--> Pete - $ to see Mac so lost away from his normal seating arrangement.
--> Jerald - Thanks to our speaker today
--> Mary T - happy for her first day of reading mentorship (as the mentor)
--> Alexa - New nephew!  
--> Bill S. - he's happy he's still in the running for the Rundquist baby pool.
--> Sam - thought he'd lost his bag with his laptop, but it turned out well and the laptop was returned  - Grandson Theo visiting  - Party!   A recent party he won the jackpot, which went to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in his name - 37th wedding anniversary!   -  Happy wife, happy life.
--> Guy - everyone is fixated on Mac today, and Guy was happy to see that Mac was doing honor to Guy's normal seat.
--> Darlyne - happy she's here!   So much traveling lately in support of education of homeless youth.
--> Molly - paying up from last week. -Molly's college roommate was elected mayor of Seattle
--> Ron - Mary had eye surgery and miraculously became literate.
--> Ann - Happy phase 2 of her emergency root canal is today.  Hooray for permanent teeth (I empathize with that).
--> Andy - his wife is an awesome, go-getter marketer.

Mike Wolbrink of Azule Staffing
--> Azule Staffing works with veterans who are in transition out of the service.   
--> Well networked locally and nationally with the veteran community, 
--> Azule provides temp, temp to hire, direct hire and training & integration services.  
--> Their goal is to put vets in rewarding jobs with the acknowledgement that a vet may take 1 or more 'bridge' jobs that lasts 12-18 months.  

Mike Wolbrink of Azule Foundation.
--> Azule's Foundation will also provide an academic case manager for those who will receive additional training.   
--> They work with clients to provide fully paid apprenticeships with a mentor.   
--> Azule also focuses on cyber training in conjunction with Metro State; the NSA has provided a grant for 100 vets in this area.

This Saturday is Veterans' Day; in MN, there are ~290,000 vets from all eras.