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Building Responsible Youth

The "Mac is happy to be back in his usual seat" minutes

The meeting was called to order November 15th at 7:32am.

Mark M provided us with an Invocation: 
We are thankful for warm hearts that echo with the call to serve.  We are thankful for strong hands that do the work to serve. We are thankful for wise heads that consider how best to serve. We are thankful that willing members allow Rotary to serve the world. … and a thankful Amen.

A Rotary minute by Cathy Carlson on doing a good job with invocations. 

⇒ Cameron Stiele, we didn't have waffles but it's always a pleasure to see Cameron…. By the way what was that thing for breakfast. 
⇒ Our foreign exchange student from France was present.
⇒ John Sorteberg from the Edina Morningside club.  You might think it's a coincidence that he has the same name as our own Bill Sorteberg, and it is!  John and Bill are brothers, although they didn't reveal who was older.

Raffle - $76 is up for grabs, but Ron's luck stopped when he matched the numbers and didn't pull the joker from the deck; the pot rolls over to next week.

⇒ Jacob: The club election is coming up, there is one more week for nominations.  Contact Jacob.
⇒ There is a Board meeting this Friday at Signature Bank at 7:30am.
⇒ New Member Orientation is Fireside chat tonight at Bill Sorteberg's.

⇒ John Sorteberg - this is Foundation month,

and John presented Bill with a Paul Harris

award pin from the Edina Morningside Club. 

⇒ Chris R. had 3 Paul Harris pin presentations:
   Ben Monnen and his first Paul Harris Award.
  Terry Schneider and his first Paul Harris Awerd.
   Ryan Johnson was awarded his Paul Harris +2
⇒ Chris Carr - there will be a Golf wrap up 5:00 at Tuttle's on Thursday, November 16th.
⇒ Jennifer - our first fundraiser pushing carts is coming up.  If you would like to still sign up or can't make it last minute if you did sign up, contact Jennifer. There will be another opportunity closer to Christmas, so keep your eyes and ears open for details.












Happy Bucks ..... today happy bucks netted $48 for Building Responsible Youth.
⇒ Char is happy that Bonnie is not a felon when she saw her on TV.  Her 15 minutes of fame starts now. 
⇒ Christine gave a great promo for Restwell Mattresses. 
⇒ Lenny - Thanksgiving in Chicago next week with family.
⇒ Bill S. – was happy his brother is here.
⇒ Chris Carr - thanks to Bonnie for her professional services in putting the Carr family's affairs in order…..Chris also enjoyed his lunch with Guy.
⇒ Floriane - she is happy to be back from Canada, where the Quebecois speak funny (Floriane is fluent in French, but it's certainly a different accent than what she is used to).
⇒ Mark is happy for the charity work at Free Bikes for Kids with Andy.
⇒ Ron L - Bikes for Kids was a great effort, and the entire family will be together next week.
⇒ Terry S is happy for a smooth election last week…. no hanging chad.
⇒ Sam is happy to have spent time with his grandson, and for the intersecting family with the Levitus family.
⇒ Donna is happy that today is her daughter's 24th birthday, and that her daughter paid a surprise visit to her last week….This is also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.
⇒ Nancy is happy to have attended the Litchfield Rotary Club yesterday, and even though each club has its own personality, we are all Rotarians coming together for a common purpose, in this particular case it was to support the Honduras Water Project.
⇒ Darlynne - a beautiful sunrise this AM
⇒ Mark Magney is happy for the Gopher football team win over Nebraska, he will also be in Vermont next week for Thanksgiving with the family of his new daughter in law.
⇒ Pete is trying to decide which event makes him happier, the fact that his tractor is now fixed and he doesn't have to shovel manure, or that his son, whom he hasn't seen in 2 years, is coming in from Norfolk.   Y'all will have to figure out on your own which one makes him happier.



Program - Gopher Women's Athletics

Chrissy Holm - Assistant Coach for the

Women's Rowing team



⇒ There are 13 Women's programs at the U, with ~300 athletes.
⇒ The U women athletes are highly motivated to succeed academically and athletically, with a 95% avg. graduation rate and a 3.0+ GPA.
⇒ Athletics also prepares women to compete and to succeed, 
⇒ with 94% of women executives having played high school or college sports; 
⇒ there is also a 7% average salary difference between those who played sports and those who did not; 
⇒ they expressly state that competition helped prepare them.

The U heavily mentors their women athletes to prepare them for the rest of their lives, with programs on academics, nutrition, time management, responsibility, etc.

Chrissy was a national level rower at Michigan, 
⇒ and it is the ultimate team sport, as the boat is only as fast as the slowest member and relies heavily on team work.

Rowing is a Fall and Spring sport, so they are on the Mississippi River 
⇒ in the early hours and cold weather for a 90 minutes practice session, 
⇒ plus 2-3 weightlifting and 2-3 conditioning sessions each week.
⇒ The U fields 2 teams, varsity and novice, with ~40 members on each team.  
⇒ Scholarships, full or partial, may be provided to proven or promising rowers.