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The Non-Tryptophan Minutes of the Minnetonka Rotary Club for Nov 22, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Jacob at 7:32.

The invocation was provided by Mac…. and he filled in so he wasn’t as polished as he usually is but did a good job of making us reflect. 

Cathy provided us with a Rotary Minute…. to be Thankful 

     The Milner children, Isabel and Keira.
    Cameron Stiele, up early on a non-school day,
    Jennifer's sister Liz and extended family Serge and Paul, visiting from Springfield, IL.
    Speaker Larry Tillemans and daughter Therese.

Our guest Liz had the winning ticket and the winning card, walking away with $130.50.   The jackpot starts new next week.

Chris R presented Glen Juntii as the

proud recipient of Paul Harris +4!

Jacob - if you're reading your email you know that nominations for Secretary-Elect are now closed and the ballot will be out next week.
- The Rotary International Convention in Toronto is next year (yes, you will need a passport), early registration is due by Dec. 15, and the cost will begin to increase after that time.   There is a generous refund policy if you later change your mind, so check the conference website.
Jennifer - cart pushing is today, by the time you read this it will be over but there will be another opportunity right before Christmas.
Jacob - Nancy will be running the show next week as the Milner family heads to Israel.

Happy Bucks, by Fred:
Frank - was in Iowa for dinner with his father's 2nd wife and family.
Theresa - daughter Isabella turned 9 last week, and happy to be going to Israel.
Scott J. - Happy for Mama Sorteberg to have raised 2 fine sons (our own Bill and his brother John, who visited last week).
Jennifer - happy to have her family here for 5 days.
Liz - Happy to have won the raffle, and will look into the Rotary Club in Springfield IL when she gets home.
Bob - We will be able to call him Grandpa Bob next year!   
Floriane - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Ron - Grandson Leo is visiting, but with 2 aunts and 2 uncles-to-be around it was a bit tough to get some time with Leo, until this morning when Grandpa was the favored.
Katie - thanks to Mac for stepping up to deliver the invocation.   Katie also got a full tour of her hotel in San Francisco last week, it's supposed to have ghosts on the 12th floor but she didn't report any strange happenings from her room on the 3rd floor.
Darlynne - happy to not be cooking this Thanksgiving and will be going out instead.
Neal - 22 pound turkey!
Jerald - both kids were interested in today's program, alas it's a bit tough for a 15 year old to get out of bed so early on a non-school day.
Pete - Entire family is together for the first time in several years.
Nancy - while flying out today, she is happy she can avoid the Lindberg terminal and is flying out of Humphrey (or as the MAC now calls them, 1 and 2, respectively).
Glen - Happy he's hosting the family, and really, really, really happy to do the cleaning (if only there was a sarcasm font).
Jacob - In Detroit last week, he actually came away a winner at the casino.   Happy that Theresa and girls were all here today.   Happy that Larry was able to make it today as our speaker, and happy for Thanksgiving.
Scott N.- finding a plumber is a challenge, but looking on the bright side he's happy he has a house.
Sara - headed to Toronto to meet her husband's uncles.

Speaker - Larry Tillemans
Larry was a clerk-typist at the Nuremberg Trials, and has made it his life's mission to bear witness to the Holocaust.
Born in 1926 in Minneola, Larry graduated high school in 1944, 
and like 75% of the boys in his graduating class, he joined the service.

In school with the strong urging of his mother, Larry had taken typing in school, so the army made use of his 42 wpm typing and assigned him to the Signal Corps in the 3rd Army.  

Larry was then stationed at the Nuremberg trials as a typist (note that he was not a court reporter, but a typist) for 9 months. 
Twenty-four Nazi leaders stood trial for crimes against humanity, 22 were convicted and 12 were hanged.  

To this day, there are those who say that the Holocaust didn't happen, Larry bears witness to the camps and the genocide.  
He's given over 400 presentations over the last 24 years on the Holocaust and what he saw.

We watched an abridged version of the Emmy award winning documentary
"The Typist" which you can also find by searching for "The Typist KSMQ"

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