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Meeting of 11/29/17

Nancy Davis called the meeting to order  promptly at 7:30am 

Invocation by Chris Rosenlund
•    The Chief purpose of life is to serve. In fact, all success comes from serving. Our time, our talents and our money only have value when they are used to serve.  Give freely of those things and you will always be assured of having plenty.  So give what you lack.  If you need money, give away some of the money you have now.  If you need more time, give away a little of your time to someone else.  Anything that you need will come to you when you give away some of what you already have.  The kingdom of Heaven is here and now …. create Heaven right where you are by loving; forgiving; serving; letting go of fear; enjoying; and being thankful. … Amen.

Rotary Minute: by Cathy Carlson …. Promotion of Peace …. Violent conflict causes the death of many…… half of which is children

•    Bill S. -- Tom Nonnin
•    Bob H -- Chief Dale Speken
•    Bob H -- Our Speaker Todd Mueller
•    Alexa … Audrey Vivian Rundquist

Raffle Ticket # 240  Karen held the ticket …. not the right card for $20 

•    Nancy had a lot of announcements: 1) no meeting Dec 27th  2)Resource West Dec 20th  1- 4:30 and 4:30 - 7:30 Social at Big Ten at 4:30pm & 7:30pm 3) ICA Foodshelf Dec 2 and Dec 16th 4) Holiday Push Carts Dec 23rd see Jennifer 5) International Committee 5:30 at Sesame Cafe  6) Mid Term Assy  and #7) nominations for Secratary Elect is closed 
•    Alexa: Wed 6 at 5:30pm at Dunn Brothers Foundation Meeting  
•    Mac …. keep the Polio Jug moving

Happy Bucks by Devon
•    Karen - Spent time with Dad in Bemidji
•    Ann - Great Thanksgiving with kids and grandkids
•    Regina - at funeral and happy to be back
•    Chris - had coffee with Devon and knows more about Lawrence Welk & a wonderful thanksgiving
•    Alexa - Audrey was born
•    Char is enjoying Audrey
•    Scott N - was happy his sons car was totaled
•    Dan - happy he was invovled in meeting last week and forgot to take attendance
•    Frank - happy to help push carts
•    Christine - Happy Words same as Scott N from Borton Volvo sold her a new car
•    Pete - happy About Audrey
•    Lenny Thanksgiving with kids and plus one and anniversary
•    Dane - Happy about Bens mustache
•    Flouriane - Happy to get up and to come to rotary
•    Bill - happy to get calls from Alexa
•    Scott - happy about Audrey
•    Darlyne - happy to be here
•    Bob H - happy for Salvation Army $25M raised last year many volunteers
•    Devon happy at the Wizard Game and happy to have a Lawrence Welk Christmas Album
•    Alexa presented Char with the Baby winner to Char and $70 for polio plus

Umpire Dale Speken with  our 

Speaker today Todd Mueller, 

who spoke about Townball. 

Our Speaker Todd Mueller introduced by Bob Hersman    
•    Todd Mueller wrote the book Townball … coffee table book….. Book is based upon 27 ball parks 
•    Most people played townball as kids
•    Hinkley firestorm 3” of rain with 25 years of downed trees ….. trains out of town saved many people
•    Fire took 400 lives …. and 400 more died because of the fire

 Hinkley rebuilt and the Hinkley White Sox were born and from that …
•    1923 was the start of this sport
•    Minnesota has the largest ametuer baseball state
•    Class A … Minnetonka Millers size teams 
•    Class B …. 48 teams  … Meisville size teams 
•    Class C … 119 teams 

 Minnetonka Veterans Field ball park @ $4.5M to build ….vs. going to ball park at a dead end (very small) 
•    Couldn’t put in every park Highlights of clubs follow 
•    Belle Plain … started 1883 … still open
•    Bird Island … held 2010 State Tournament ? …. raised $500K improvments and $1.5M in donations
•    Chaska …. Dale Welter character …. flood plane ….. watered field
•    Cold Springs …. 53 tournaments …. 1923 new ball part …. stopped building park when it was discovered cemetery in left field … in the end left field was 2 feet higher than the rest of the field 
•    Dassel - fun grass mowing 
•    Jordan… no to advertising … no to electronic scoreboard ... keep it the way it is.
•    Midway …. midway between Wolf Lake and Minagua 2010 the Midway Snerd Birds
•    Meisville ( population 125 ) ….. ground zero to baseball. with 5 state championships …. 8000 attendance regularly … 
•    Minnetonka …. Veterans Field …. artificial turf … allows 430 events to be played per year ….. Minnetonka Millers and 14 championships
•    Pearl Lake … no fence.....  bordered by County Roads with special rules on doubles / home runs / gravel is a double black top is a home run
•    Red Eye …. legacy of baseball
•    Waseca … Tink Field burned down …. rebuilt with $2M from outside sources and donations

What did I learn
•    Emotional Trip …Dassel lining up National Anthem singers
•    Groundskeepers …. dedicated people maintaining these fields
•    Last Person in the world to write a book on town ball … it takes an outsider to understand the nuances
•    TownBall Teams can Recruit in a 30 mile radius
•    Townball age limit is 12 years old and older to play in Town Ball
•    Townball Tavern at Target Field …. Twins helped with book
•    ….. and Twins bought 1200 books
•    Printed 12,000 books … 180 left … going fast 

The meeting ended at 8:28am … just a little early

You can buy .... 

Town Ball Parks ... on Amazon