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​​•    Meeting of December 6, 2017

•    The meeting was called to order by Jacob at 7:32

•    Invocation was by Mac Hardin
Mac told us of the fact that 31,174 verses are in the bible …. some are good and some are harder to take …. From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. …. From everyone who has been given much much will be demanded.   …. We have many gifts and blessings and we at Rotary give back in our service and we need to continue to do so in our lives daily.... Amen.

Rotary Minute by Cathy Carlson… being aware of bullying, local violence, and Rotary provides support to remove them

•    Nancy: Tom Gump and Paula Schwartz of the

 Edina morning side,  and Liam Morant
•    Lenny: Sadart Chandramali
•    Christine: Henry  Bromelkamp from Mpls #9

Raffle…. Chris Carr and $55 …. #367

…. Karen Hoppe….. was a winner … we like winners 

•    Char Presented  Henry Bromelkamp of the Minneapolis Rotary  #9 received a foundation grant for Africa Classroom Connection … Building classrooms in South Africa, Malawi…. 4000 classrooms, 1000 communities.... shown here with Car Murphy from the Minnetonka Rotary Foundation.
•    Minneapolis #9 coined the phrase SERVICE ABOVE SELF adopted by Rotary International 
•    Jacob … foundation Meeting tonight at 5:30pm at Dunn Brothers 
•    Katie & Mark …. doing International Exchange Students and looking for new committee chairs to take their place
•    Christine …. Dec 20th sign up at Resource West ….. head count … 4 for eartly ….. 6 for second shift
•    Sara … happy hour at Big Ten after the toy packaging on Dec 20th
•    Jacob …. Secretary Elect Nominee is Chris Carr
•    Chris C presented the Big Rotary Check to the Minnetonka Rotary Foundation for $31,607 from our Golf Charity Fundraiser ... From the Right .... Chris, Golf Fundraising Chair, Jacob Milner our President with Char Murphy of he Minnetonka Rotary Foundation accepting the check.


















Happy Bucks … Devon collected $69 for Building Responsible Youth
•    Dan …. happy that his wife has a new pacemaker and doing well
•    Chris C …. lunch with Pete was a good time
•    Char …. CoCo was a Rotary exchange student at the car service area
•    Flouriane … Rwanda event on Saturday got Frank some hot sauce
•    Regina …. enjoys the laughter of Rotary
•    Scott N. … going to tour colleges this week with his son
•    Jerald … happy about the weather
•    Chris R … happy about something… will remember it later
•    Jim … talked about Frank as champion of the International refugee foundation …. acknowledged by the speaker of the event 
•    Lenny: had a foundation check from Sadart Chandramali
•    Katie …. acknowledged Audrey and congratulated Nate and Alexa
•    Bonnie … Daughter is a great artist and getting better
•    Mark M … ski season in Breckenridge
•    Bill … his daughter
•    Sam…. for the grandson
•    Neal …. During the tough driving thought of Jerald
•    Bromel … happy his mother surrendered her car
•    Frank …. acknowledged Henry Bromelkamp service
•    Jacob …. back from Israel, enjoyed the trip



Speaker: Nancy Davis on the Honduras Wash Project with Tom Gump of the Edina Morningside Club.
    •    got an invitation for Honduras from an invitation from Steve Solbrect
    •    project started in 2014 … completed in 2016
    •    1400 people in western Honduras now have water

▾    Next Project is 2017 -2018 …. with City of Lakes Rotary
    •    WASH  = WAter Sanitation & Hygiene
    •    Honduras …. 1 million people lack access to safe water
    •    1.6 million people do not have sanitation facilities

▾    Partnering with World Vision
    •    have pledged $400,000 to the project
    •    12 clubs have pledged to this project
    •    30 years experience with 19 successful projects
    •    Every community has a water board
    •    Every school has a water board

▾    Pictures shown
    •    Motorcycle is mode of transportation between villages
    •    Honduras Roads are rough
    •    Community Members wanted to be there to acknowledge the workers
    •    Every one is invested in the well and work to accomplish 
    •    Water Tank 25000 gallons
    •    Every project has the logos of the organizations that helped

The meeting closed by the bell at 8:32am

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Service Above Self

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