​​​​​​•    Meeting of December 13, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Jacob at 7:32

Invocation was by Lenny Newman … Calm
In times of fear and panic let us be a force of calm.  Let those who are trembling, find us safe to lean on. May we comfort the oppressed. May we show our compassion. to those who’re most distressed, when there is turmoil swirling around us.  Let us be the calm when the world is dark and full of fear.  Let us bring the light of dawn when voices shout and conflict reigns. Let us be there for relief when hope is needed everywhere let us raise a voice for peace … Amen. 

Rotary Minute by Cathy Carlson… the object of Rotary and the Four Way Test foster the ideals of service …. to encourage development of Acquaintance the application of the ideals of service in each rotarians the objective is to use the four way test as the basis for the actions we take where we work and in life. 

•    Lenny: Bruce Peiteg ….
•    Jacob …. David Dorn of the Special Olympics
•    Katie …. Audrey … four weeks old 

Raffle…. by Chris Carr … $17 … #475 …. Dale did not win … the money continues

•    Bob H …. Dec 27th Rotary 7:30am  secondary  Rotary meeting at Hoagies in instead of our regular meeting  
•    Alexa … Foundation meeting …. seven Grants …. five approved … one international … five eagle scouts ….Mark M, Neal, Ben, Glen, Chris R…Grand recipient NorthStar Council is doing a membership drive helping to get more kids to join Cub Scouts ... the feeder program for boy scouts. 
•    Jacob: Toys at ResourceWest on Wed, Dec 20th with social after each event at Big Ten  
•    Jacob…Chris Carr is Secretary Elect 
•    Chris R - achieved $30 K to Rotary International Foundation. Get your checks in to Chris for year end to get tax credit for 2017
•    Chris R - Presentation to Alex as a Paul Harris and Pete as a Paul Harris Fellow pictured here: 

Happy Bucks by Mac …
•    Bill - happy for all the beautiful ladies at his table
•    Ron L - his daughter coming home from Kenya Africa to help with Leo
•    Sam - Bad week and he is Happy that the parents of female U.S. Senate pages can sleep soundly.
•    Jim M - happy about his hot sauce and it is extremely hot
•    Flouriane - Going to Rwanda missing us, and fundraising from one person to help with the following year
•    Donna - her daughter is coming home 
•    Chris C - happy about his daughter and the fun outdoor sports and Toys for Tots
•    Nancy - Saw Christmas Carol / and happy for Sanity in our country ?
•    Lenny - happy for Bruce coming today, and his son Evan
•    Theresa - trip to Israel, got a new car
•    Chris R - happy about Alex, Wild win, seeing friends
•    Bob H - happy that his ramp is being rebuilt with a variance from Hopkins
•    Jerald - Chan dance beat Chaska dance team
•    Regina - enjoying Audrey, and happy about CIA … I mean ICA Foodshelf
•    Glen - happy teaching grandson about hand tools and his grandson teaching him about his cell phone
•    Char - Got new Tires for the winter, and grand kids practicing wheel chairs… so they are ready
•    Shane - happy to be getting new tires today 

in 2018 …. Special Olympics celebrating 50 years
•    Maria Shriver was awarded the Arthur Ashe award for her contribution 
•    5 million athletes today

His daughter loved high school years
    •    she worked the halls and knew everybody
    •    she has 5000 friends on facebook
    •    the phone never phoned inviting her to do something

Unified clubs / activities to knock down this barrier
    •    2000 clubs to help this happen
    •    Kids are the catalyst …… special ed and regular ed kids
    •    Changing the culture
    •    More coaches / more kids /  and it gets less of a misconception

What is happening now …. 
▾    World Games are every 4 years … sending 4 Minnesota Athletes
    •    will be covered on ESPN end to end 
▾    Other years are USA Games 
    •    This year in Seattle …. 85 Minnesota Athletes
▾    Super Bowl
    •    Flag Football event
    •    Polar Plunge event 

Always Dream Big !
    •    We can be very high performing
    •    Special Olympics is for everyone

to our Motto Page ....

Service Above Self

We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

Speaker David Dorn of the Special Olympics

.... introduced by Jacob
    •    His daughter had special needs
    •    became acquainted with what was available to help
    •   He was asked to be involved in Special Olympics

What is Special Olympics ?

 … biggest battle is to answer this question 
    •    Overview video
    •    44,000 events each year … leading to the US & World Events
    •    Sports teach people who they are ….. we teach people sports

Mark pictured with his friend David Dorn

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