Jacob rang the bell and the meeting ended at 8:36am with a Christmas wish and a See you in 2018.

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Building Responsible Youth

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Service Above Self

Shane Haggerty 
•    Found Rotary through his work at Citizen’s Bank and shares Rotary’s passion for helping people.  
•    Grew up in South Dakota, an identical twin who grew up in a family that knew how to work hard, 
•    He did a myriad of things starting at the age of 5.   
•    From lawn care, plumbing, construction… which of course just naturally morphed into his current career of banking.   
•    Shane’s passion/avocation is ballroom dancing which he continues to pursue on a part-time basis.  
•    You just never know what lies beneath the passion of Rotarians! 

Jim Martin 
•    His profession is employment law, 
•    Which he has taken further in the area of education working with the U of M Law School.
•    Jim’s 85 year old father is still working and was active in Rotary at the Minneapolis #9 Club.  
•    Thus, Jim’s introduction to Rotary at an early age. 
•    He attended West High School in Minneapolis, 
•    He attended Purdue and William Mitchell Law School.  
•    However, Jim shared that his real skill is that of a qualified elephant poop manager!  
•    One that he honed while on a trip with his family to Thailand visiting an Elephant Rescue Camp.  
•    I’m sure there are more details, but we’ll leave it at that!   
•    Jim and his wife, Elizabeth, are the parents of four, ages 13 to mid-20’s.

​​​​​​•    Meeting of December 20, 2017

Jacob called the meeting to order at 7:32am 

Invocation by Ben Monnens. ….with help from Hugh Downs: 
A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. …. Amen 

Guests, we had a lot of them !
•    Carrie White, guest of Jim Martin.   

•    Catherine, guest/daughter of Donna; 

•    Todd just showed up, thank you Google.

•    Bill Johnson, from Men Shed Builders

•    Ferez, Our Foreign Exchange Student from France.

•   A Rotary Minute with Cathy Carlson – The Purpose of Rotary 

•    Raffle by Mark Forsberg – Our guest Catherine had #475, but her luck ran out and not the right card.   

•    Jacob  reminded everyone that we have no “official meeting” next Wednesday, .... However .... 
•   Dr. Bob reminded us that he will be meeting at Hoagies n Hopkins at 7:30am, and ask that  people email rsvp’s to him. 
•    Resource West Toy event tonight, with happy hour at 4:30pm and 7:30pm at Big 10 in Hopkins.
•    Chris Rosenlund had a great opportunity for another photo op with the following Paul Harris Fellows, Alex Crittenden, Ron Usem Paul Harris + 2, Dr. Bob Paul Harris + 5.  Congratulations!!! 

Happy Bucks collected by Donna 
•    Katie had a lot to be happy about!  
     o    Wonderful story of an AED  device that worked at Hopkins Community Center, where a gentleman collapsed in our meeting room and the AED  stored outside the room in the hall and people stepped in and literally saved his life with the device and a CPR expert.  
     o    An embarrassing wardrobe malfunction with her pants that involved red undergarments…nuff said! 
     o    Ferez our exchange student will be moving to a new host family, the Abrams, where there are two young boys who are looking forward to a big brother who can play soccer and ping pong! 
•    Therese will be travelling again to Jamaica with 16 family members, Jacob ready with his speedo …. Images in you mind right now ?. 
•    Ron H. shared that his speedo goes to his knees.  (Am I really supposed to report that?)  However, Ron also shared that at this point in his life he was into “distributing versus gathering”, making contributions to worthy organizations in the name others as his Christmas gift to customers and loved ones.  Good point! 
•    Floriane will be returning to Rwanda in the next couple of weeks and will be gone for a month or two.  She made good on her promise of sharing hot sauce with the group, and will bring back coffee!  
•    Char was happy for a lot of things, including Todd the walk in, Neal for doing a great job, and Jacob got a pass on age discrimination.
•    Lenny is happy for family and particularly his father who is on the mend.  
•    Ben purchased the coffee table book on ballparks and shared it with his grandfather who was a Shakopee Hall of Fame, sweet moment!   
•    Mac is going to have a daughter-in-law in the near future as he announce Kevins engagement.  Congratulations! 
•    Frank is going to California to visit family and is 88-year-old mom. 
•    Dr. Bob shared a lovely recording of 750 children singing Xmas Carols from his daughter’s school.  He was also wearing his historical Christmas sweater.  
•    Sam’s red bow tie is older than Dr. Bob’s sweater!  
•    Mark Magney is looking forward to a family trip on the Empire Builder, to which Mark Marlin warned him of avalanches. Which he experienced while riding said train.
•    Neal was happy about his acknowledged notoriety this morning and a wonderful breakfast with Bill & LaWayne on Saturday. 
•    Darlyne was happy to be the reporter today and said she is responsible for misquotes or omissions. …. and she will be better next meeting. 

Todays Speakers were Vocationals by Shane Haggerty and Jim Martin