We are the Minnetonka Rotary

Building Responsible Youth

Okay, so you came to this website to find out about 
The Minnetonka Rotary and you don’t want to spend a
lot of time and Visitor Information looked like a good
place to get some coaching to maximize the information

and minimize the time

Good choice because we had that same idea when we put this here.   The Minnetonka Rotary is a service organization.  We kind of figure that you may not want to join Rotary, but do want to find out about some of the things we do …. and we like to help. 

#1 ….We are involved in the Hopkins / Minnetonka Communities.  We live or work in the area and want to have an impact here. We are active with our efforts in  Building Responsible Youth and Community Service. Another thing we do is provide  Scholarships to Hopkins and Minnetonka High School Students. 

#2 …. We are involved in helping non profit groups in our community like ICA Foodshelf, ResourceWest, Empty Bowls, MoveFwd, and so on …. See our Charitable Giving Page. 

#3 ….We are involved in some programs that are of an international scope such as clean water, polio eradication, human trafficking, building schools, and International Exchange Students. …. And again see our Charitable Giving Page

#4 ….If you have never heard of Rotary and want to find out what they do or what we do.  Go to the ABOUT US  page and we will give you the history and background of  The Minnetonka Rotary and if that leads you to want to understand the bigger picture of Rotary International there are links just above  the text section there for you to drill deeper.  Those same links are located directly above this text section as well.

#5.... You can see some of the activities that we want people in the community to be aware of in the Press Releases that we make available to the media. 

#6 .... If you are thinking about either Applying for Membership or you need a Grant Application form, then go to our FORMS Page to capture either application.  

#7.... If you want to follow us on Facebook you will see some of the activities we do that makes us the club that's more fun than you want it to be. 

#8…. Didn’t see what you need here then you may need to email The Minnetonka Rotary for more information or explore some of the other pull downs in the top most navigation line. 

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Service Above Self