Home Page of the Minnetonka Rotary Club

The Minnetonka Rotary meets at 7:15AM on Wednesdays. We meet at the Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Hiway 7. This is half way between Hiway 169 (1 mile West ) and Hiway 494 ( 1 mile East ). The club meets in Room #233 which is located directly above the portico entrance. Map link follows .....

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Rotary International is in the hunt to end Polio ..... The Minnetonka Rotary supports this effort. Before Rotary took on the task of polio eradication back in 1985, 350,000 people (mostly children) were paralyzed by polio every year. Endemic polio still exists, but only in three countries: Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This year less than 30 new polio cases .... we have almost defeated polio, but we can not lose our focus now that we are so close ..... Go here to see the latest information ..... www.endpolio.org